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Hows it going boys.. I got a couple ideas I wanted to run by you. One of the biggest threats in a northern winter is nightfall. That being said, depending where you are, daylight light hours can range from 6 to 8 hours. If you go even farther north some places the sun wont come up for at least 24 hours.

Now that Ive tackled the darkness I'm going to throw a lighting idea your way. Northern lights.. The farther north you go the brighter they are. It doesn't have to light up your map, but its great for detail.

Lastly.. We come across jerrycans from time to time. We can use them in out lanterns and such. But I stewed up another idea. Every once in awhile you find a cabin with a generator around back. If the generator works fuel it up and run it. It will give you lighting and keep you warm. As an added bonus the loud noise will keep the wolves away. If the generator doesn't work, then that means you need to scavenge for the tools to fix it. Which will force 9 out of 10 people back outside to look for a wrench or air filter for example. Another thing I'd like to add to this is the more utilities you use such as lighting and electric heat etc, the faster your fuel burns. Which again forces people outside to look for more fuel. Also add a life expectancy on the generator so if it breaks you need to fix it or lose your fuel.

I know some people might have an issue with the generator, but in my defense Ive never gone camping without one. So who's to say some guy wouldn't leave a broken one at his cabin for the winter and fix it when he comes back in the summer.

Thanks for reading and have a good one.

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