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I am in love with this game and always excited when any new additions are announced! I love the new cooking setup and look forward to what's next :)

So, I have three suggestions.. two I have heard of before and want to strongly agree with, and the third is one I (surprisingly) haven't heard mentioned before.

Previously mentioned: snowshoes and a thermos. Snowshoes would let us navigate the snow a little quicker but the trade off can be slightly more fatigue, and no running. A thermos would be amazing, as drinks get cold too quickly and it just feels off to be putting open mugs of coffee in your pack ;)

My grand idea: Mountaineering skill! I feel like we should be able to get better at climbing the more we do it, and leveling up your rope skills would allow for increased stamina, speed, and maybe even the ability to carry more in our packs while climbing. If anyone else has thoughts on this, I'd love to hear them!

Thanks guys for an amazing game!

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