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I've been having fun making small icons based on items from the game. You can see the dog food can in my signature and the tin of sardines as my avatar. I also have a peanut butter one 2emotjr.jpg

If anyone wants any custom avatar/icon images then let me know in this thread. I have some items on hand but it may take me longer to find something not in my inventory. Alternatively, you can just post a large resolution screenshot of the item in this thread. If you do, make sure you take the screen shot in good lighting!

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Sorry for the delay! I have a big project due tomorrow. I promise that tomorrow night I will begin on the hunting knife and lantern images. I'll start with a big size then offer some smaller sizes as well.

it's okay, but could you do it same for fleece sweater also? so I want a hunting knife and fleece sweater one by one. thanks!

edit: I tried to do same thing and seems like I did. take a look at my signature. so, you don't need to do my requests. thanks at any rate for the idea.

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Really? I've waited over 10 days and not even a peep. C'mon man...

Here you go, ain't perfect, I only spent a quick few to do it.

Edit: Put image as attachment instead of img tag because it didn't want to save in the proper format. The attachment will save as a png with no background.


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