Its been a Long Dark since December 2015

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Hello Fellow TLD fans!

I have been playing TLD on and off since Dec 2015 and have really enjoyed seeing the game grow and develop over the years (Even though I had to take a break as previous PC could't run the game smoothly after some of the graphical enhancements), with a new PC I have been able to dive back in to TLD and in to Wintermute which I am really really enjoying.

Once I have gotten through the story mode, I am sure that I will be drawn back in to Survivor mode to spend what time I can (Farther of 3) exploring the latest updates that the Hinterland team have brought to Great Bear.

Its been a great 2 and a 1/2 years with this game and I look forward to the future (No matter how cold it might be ;-) )


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Welcome to the jungle, we've got fun and games!

And wolves.  Couple bears.  The odd moose or two. Bunnies.  Some fish.  I think I saw a rifle over there.

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