Said I don't hate being cold? 'Cause I really don't

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Ah, hello there! I am relatively new to the forums and I just found about the Survivor Lodge sub-forum, so I thought I'd introduce myself here :)

I am a Spanish gamer living in Switzerland who came across the little gem that is this game by pure chance. It was back in December when I first knew about TLD while browsing some Youtube videos about survival games, and I must say it captivated me from the beginning. Ever since I downloaded TLD in my PS4, it has become the go-to game during my spare gaming evenings. Everything from the world settings to the story, the outstanding artwork, the colour pallet, the music and the ambiance, the gameplay with its open decisions and possibilities, make you feel like you are really experiencing the beautiful solitude of the Dark Apocalypse.

And yes, I don't hate being cold. In fact I love it! I know... a Spaniard who likes cold weather? Well, that's one thing less to worry about now that I moved a bit further north ;)

On another note, aside from being a passionate of videogames my hobbies are quite varied. I like aerospace and technology, reading, listening to music, practising outdoor activities, gastronomy and travelling, arts, movies and theater, hanging with family and friends... and of course enjoying the most of life with my wife and my kid!

Anyways, I'm off for the moment but we will definitely see each other around these places. Until then, best of luck to all of you surviving out there.

Be safe and look alive!

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As a Spanish gamer living in Switzerland your English is phenomenal :)   Welcome and nice to see you.  I am relatively new around here as well and I have to say it's a very nice community.

Happy Hunting

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@Spakerman, thank you very much for the warm welcome! As a kid I was really fortunate to grow up between Spain and the UK, so I got to learn the language through the years up to my late teens. The rest is just practising... a whole lot :) 

As for the community in these forums, it is certainly amazing to find people being so friendly and supportive to each other. So, glad that I joined and I look forward to being of some help!

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