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Well hello hello Hinterland community,

I'm gonna try to explain what I think could improve the experience of the sandbox even if I already love it.

I've been playing for hours and my personal record is 25 days (still playing with that same sandbox). But that's not the subject here.

-First of all, I'd like to talk about the wolves. I think they are way too much unrealistic and not dat OP. You can see them all alone (except in the coastal townsite where there are 2 of them), walking their small path, waiting for something to come near them to attack. I say it should be more like a wolf pack (5-6 wolves) travelling in a bigger territory, LOOKING FOR something to hunt. They would have a resting place (not neccesary a shelter, just a place on the ground) to stay for some hours and you would have to be watchful about when they are in their place to know that you are (pretty much) safe to travel in the rest of their territory. I used a map of coastal highway to show dat idea (go at the end).

Dat idea would add more difficulties and the player would have to observe the wolf pack to know what is its territory and when he is safe to travel in it (even if he could outrun the wolves in a magical way). And if he wants the territory to be total safe, he would have to kill the wolf pack. No respawning then, except the deers and the rabbits maybe? That way, the player shouldn't try to kill all the packs and better scare them after they have killed a prey for him.

-Second are the bears. I know there will be bears but I'll be a lil bit disappointed if they act like the current wolves in the game. In a normal winter, bears are hibernating. In this permanent winter, I think they would come out not everyday and look for food in a small territory. If the player enters a bear's territory, he could be lucky that the bear is sleeping in his lair or not. And if the player encounters a bear, he better outrun it than try to kill it with a simple knife. Maybe some good clothes could be created with a bear's fur.

The map here: http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/201 ... -ideas.jpg

-About fishing, I think it could be a great way to start the game. Less human food and more natural food. Fishing would be like the first food the player would want. It souldn't be a problem if he eats fresh raw fish (like sashimi, ya know) and rods would be easy to find in the fishing huts where you could fish easily too.

To sum up, realistics wolves (maybe different colors too?), dangerous bears and fishing is cool! I know my ideas are complexes, but I'm just trying to inspire the developers if they read it. Tell me what you think and thanks for your time!

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Fishing has already been suggested, and is a long standing request on the alpha wishlist.

Bears would be an interesting addition, as something needs to be in place to keep the wolf populations down. I think bears should be slower than wolves though, but that there is no "fight" cutscene when it attacks the player like a wolf dies, it should be a simple "bear eats your face" death screen. Wolves naturally would be a bit bulkier than portrayed in the game and should be a silvery/off-white colour for their winter coat. Wolf packs would be an interesting development, but I think lone wolves should still exist. The lone wolves would be more aggressive though, as they would be hungry (they can't really rest, they always have to hunt, unlike a pack) the packs should be slightly more shy, and more wary of the player than lone wolves. I think that bears should be harvestable for hide, gut and meat, same as always, but I think sinew and bone should be harvestable too. Sinew would be used for string (it's better than gut really because gut needs to dry before it can be used, sinew just needs to be beaten and twined into cord) bone could be used to replace handles on knives and hatchets (as a repair item). I would also like to see introduction of stags, as the only deer I come across are does, perhaps a stag could yield more meat, and horn as another repair material (I have a staghorn handled bottle-opener in my kitchen)

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Thanks for your answer!

Yes, bears would instakill the player I think, so the only way to kill him would be with a rifle and the fur would be quite precious then. It could be used to create or upgrade clothes, not only repair.

Silver/off-white wolves are more common than black wolves, so in the game it could be great to introduce that concept as well. And yes, lone wolves should still exist and should be then more aggresive, but the pack would be slightly more shy only when the wolves aren't hungry (like they have eaten in the past 3 days).

Sinew and bones could be a great idea. If we could find a bow on the map, we could repair it with sinew and wood maybe?

And yes, more big herbivores would add more diversity.

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Sinew is an iffy one for bowstring. Due to the nature of its composition (mostly a protein known as collagen, with a low percentage of another protein called elastin), sinew is naturally very brittle at low temperature.

Synthetic fibers function far better as bowstrings than natural fibers do in harsh cold environments. A sinew bowstring in -20 degrees celsius conditions would most likely explode in your face if you tried to draw it. Bone has no function in a bow except maybe as an inlay on the arrow rest. I have heard of laminate horn shortbows, but they are very rare and take a lot more skill to craft (years and years of dedication and craftsmanship) than our pilot, Will Mackenzie, has.

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I'd like to see a wider variety of animal life. I live in Alaska and in the winter we still have moose, caribou and various other animals all hanging around even in populated areas.

I think it would add more variety to craft-able clothing and tools if you could say, shoot a moose and use it hide and meat. When we hunt and kill a moose up here, there is more than enough meat to last well into the next year. Not to mention the usable antlers, hide, etc.

In the wintertime up here, animals like the moose and caribou tend to come down out of the mountains and hang around near water. So it wouldn't be unheard of to see a moose milling around in the coastal town area. They could even add more depth by having bull moose, who tend to be alone and spend time higher up away from the water, as well as cows with calves, who would be right down on the water. The cows are extremely aggressive when they have a calf and this could be a fun risk for the player to deal with. A mama moose can stomp you to death in less than a few minutes.

As for caribou, they are kind of like really fluffy goats when domesticated. In the wild they spend time in large herds. I'd like to see groups of caribou in higher up elevations in clearings. They are not really aggressive, so they would react similar to the deer that are currently in the game. Although, they are difficult to field dress after hunted. It would be cool if there was a chance to fail while harvesting meat and hide and lose some materials whenever this happens.

I think its great they added bears. Though, they should not be insta-kill. I have personally be up close and personal with more than one bear and lived to tell about it. You can kill them if you react quickly.

I'd like to see grizzlies as well as the black bears. And I would like to see more depth as with the Cow moose. Mother bears are extremely dangerous when they feel cubs are threatened. I'd like to see lone male bears of both varieties as well as sows with cubs. The adult male bears will attack, though they are less likely. Usually they will just run away unless they think you have food. The sows on the other hand, will attack and and try kill you as soon as they smell or see you. Its not unusual up here in Alaska to see sows with cubs even in populated areas. The locals know to get your butt back in your car/house if you see a bear with cubs.

Another cool feature I would like to see is possibly domesticated dogs that are still around. I'd like to think some of them would survive during a disaster such as in the story. It would be a nice feature to possibly be able to befriend a dog and have it travel with you. It would be safer to sleep outside, as the dog would alert and protect you while you slept and provide much needed warmth. Dogs can also be trained to hunt small game animals like the rabbits. There is some use for domestic dogs, I think.

I'd also like to see a few possible upgrades and attachments for the rifle. In a remote area such as this, its entirely possible that the player would be able to find a scope to fit his hunting rifle. I'd also like to see the need to clean the rifle after shooting it as you would a real rifle. It would be reasonable that in those cabins out there in remote Canada, there would be gun cleaning supplies available. I know that I clean my rifle each time I shoot it. And I have a friend who's gun always jams and screws up because he never cleans it.

Bow hunting would be another cool aspect to add. Compound bows are all over the place up here. Though it is a heck of a lot harder to hunt with them than a rifle. But like I said, there would be supplies for that type of weapon in hunting cabins in Podunk areas in the northern part of the North American continent. We all like to hunt and have things that go boom up here. The nice part about bow hunting is you can retrieve your ammo most of the time. Hmm, food for thought.

That is all I have so far... I think this game has great potential to be so immersive and interactive. I am already hooked and I can't wait to play the story mode.

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Moose at least need to make an appearance. Possibly in an extra angry form. The landscape feels odd without them. But maybe this is set in some part of Canada that doesn't have them. It's hard to tell if it's in caribou country. Seems a little too wooded.

I suspect they are going to add grizz at some point.

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On 2015-02-07 at 8:59 PM, derakh said:

I'd also like to see a few possible upgrades and attachments for the rifle. In a remote area such as this, its entirely possible that the player would be able to find a scope to fit his hunting rifle. I'd also like to see the need to clean the rifle after shooting it as you would a real rifle. It would be reasonable that in those cabins out there in remote Canada, there would be gun cleaning supplies available. I know that I clean my rifle each time I shoot it. And I have a friend who's gun always jams and screws up because he never cleans it.

I'd like to have the scope too. I'd like to be able to make longer shots than 100m and to have some bullet drop at distance but add a graduated reticle on the scope to adjust the aim point.

Is your friend reloading his brass? If he has jams, it could be the brass is too thin or his load is too hot. Cleaning is more of an issue with automatic and semi-automatic weapons where fouling prevents proper ejection due to a number of causes. Bolt actions are pretty simple so unless you get dirt into the breech, the action of firing a bullet always clears some of the previous powder deposits in the barrel reaching a maximum until copper build up gets excessive and accuracy is then affected. Cleaning also prevents corrosion of the barrel in humid especially salt environments near the ocean.

They did add rifle cleaning etc on the last update.

I would like to see a Sniper achievement; it's reasonable to get best accuracy by either always cleaning or only cleaning after a 1000 rounds go through the barrel. Then ALL the copper must be removed or barrel wear severely affects accuracy. See Sniper 101 on Youtube.

Are you using copper solvent for bore maintenance?

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accuracy and jamming
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I suggest: a new weapon shotgun(that could be used to hunt birds)

new bird types such as wild turkey or even a quail. new animal types such as raccon,arctic fox(not dangeros ones),wolverine,bison,(the dangerous ones)

a new consumable scent eliminator(It can eliminate scent so wolves and bears cant track you) new trap types big ones for bear,small ones for wolf etc.(plus being able to bait traps this will give you a bigger chance to trap something)

new plant types such as hazel,chery,apple,maple tree.also new plants:cranberry but also poisonous ones that can be used to make poison.

Thanks for reading.

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