Crash after starting a fire


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Short: Was lighting a fire in darkness, got a crahs to desktop, lost save.

Full story:

I was between clear cut and logging camp when a fierce blizzard struck, visibility dropped to a few meters. I was forced to crouch behind some logs and light a fire. I sat there for a bit, the wind blew my fire prematurely a few times, had to start it again some 2-3 times.

At some point it got pitch dark and the fire died prematurely (it had over 2 hours to go by the timer), the wind blew it out again it seems. I tried to light another one in pitch darkness. As soon as the progress reached the end, the game crashed. This happened too suddenly for me to make sure if my character suffered burns or not. Its possible since the fire was near my character and I couldn't see very well wher ethe fireplace is as it was totally dark.

Upon restarting, pressing "LOAD" button did nothing, thus the savegame was lost.

I was playing through steam.

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