Surviving on wolves and lack of antiseptics?


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"i have no rifle, and i must shoot"

run number 3rd or 4th, make a few run in mystery lake but now im trying coastal highway, and its more easy than mystery lake, but i didnt go there so i dont have the rifle, got 2 bullets but not the rifle. i've found a lot of food, like a loooot, but some day that food will spoil or im gonna eat it all, so, i am now surviving on hunting wolves with my bear hands.

the thing is, im currently low on antiseptics, bandage are not to worry cause i got a lot of clothes, but every fight give me wound and chances of infected wound, i never let the infection to spread, where was at 37% i took antiseptics, but...

is there a way to avoid using anticeptics? what happen if you dont use it on a wound? you die for an infected wound? or there is another way to remove the infection? is fighting wolves a way to survive? should i go back to mystery lake and grab the rifle?

im currently on my 15 day, and looted everything, a few cabins here and there, but all coastal highway is looted... plenty of sewing kits and not a single hatchet, not a problem though.

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Fighting wolves is one way to survive. Allow the wolves to kill a deer, then you kill the wolf. Plenty of subsistence. You can also "influence" where the deer run and sometimes can lead a deer to a wolf.

If you don't use antiseptics or antibiotics then you can fall ill and your condition will worsen. I do not know the specific mechanics but it is not good.

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