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Hello Everyone!

My name is Jason, I live in Washington State. I am a father, EMT and avid gamer. My love of the survival genre is very very high! My current favorite games are Minecraft, the S.T.A.L.K.E.R series, Fallout series, Stranded 2, Project Zomboid, 7 Days to Die and NEO Scavenger. I have been excited to see this niche grow in the last few years, but have also been put off by the amount of copy cat games and themes(zombies, zombies and more zombies) that I feel plague it. I have been looking for a number of years for a game that is a true survival simulation, some have come close, but still never quite got it right in my opinion. Then I came across The Long Dark and began to look into it and Hinterland Studios a bit closer. I was instantly impressed with the quality and professionalism that was evident everywhere I looked and by the aim and premise of TLD. I was impressed enough to make a donation to the game and help support the people behind it! :D I have backed a vast number of games in the past, many times with mixed results, but I have zero doubts about the direction and ultimate goal of Hinterland with regards to TLD. I am truly excited to be a part of the support and community we have here and more so toward the final amazing release of TLD! Until then I look forward to meeting you all and sharing our ideas and thoughts on TLD....

Best Regards,

Jason(speef22) :)

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Welcome, Jason, and thanks for your great intro, and your support of the project.

You're joining the forum community at a great time. Lots is happening with the game, progress is speeding up, and we'll have lots to show in the coming weeks and months. We're glad to have you with us!

Thank You Raphael :-) I am honored to be here and a part of this great project! I cant wait for my forum badge(waiting for paypal to clear my payment LOL) to share with the world my excitement level and hopefully inspire others to follow suite in backing TLD!! I spent a long time in Alaska and I can really feel the environment that TLD takes place in with the amazing art style, it reminds me of the bitter cold we would have there. Also reminds me of the incredible beauty we also had, so crisp, sharp and awe inspiring. Again thanks for the warm welcome and most excited to play the Alpha, give my feedback and watch TLD grow!!


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