Game does not save when entering Abandoned Lookout

Burning Bridges

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The game doesn't save when entering the Forestry Lookout. The game only saves when not outside as in leaving the outside map. The reason for this is that the outside doesn't get saved. Otherwise they would need to load every wolf, deer, rabit to the place and condition they were when you saved. By only saving indoors, the outside map can be reset when loading. It also keeps save files smaller.

Some outside items are obviously still saves, like everything inside containers , maybe everything you just drop on the ground (have never checked that). This is also (on off) the reason(s) why there is no manual (quick) save button.

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Guest Alan Lawrance

The reason for saving when entering interiors (new scene) was to prevent save-system abuse like this:

1. pitch bedroll outside interior and sleep one hour (to create save game)

2. enter interior

3. if you don't like the loot (e.g., no rifle spawn), reload game and go to step #2

Since the lookouts are not separate scenes, we don't have to save to prevent this type of abuse.

I can see how it feels a bit illogical though, since the lookouts do "feel" like any other interior.

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