#308: Prematurely Vanishing Wolf Carcass


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Yes I know, I found another wolf bug -

A wolf attacked me right before I was about to cross the bridge on my way to the dam, and it died. As I was harvesting all its meat, which was around 9 KG and took me a bit more than an hour, the carcass suddenly disappeared right out from under my nose. I hadn't even finished the harvest yet. I could still get its hide and whatnot, but once I left the harvesting panel, I was unable to find anything to click on again.

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A werewolf!

No seriously, sometimes corpses dissapear very fast, other times they are still there after 3 days. Strange.

It seems as if there is a sort of garbage collection service that happens only every monday. Serious: my feeling is that it's implemented so that corpses despawn at fixed intervals, and not with a timer per corpse. It's probably a lot better for performance to do it that way.

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LMG had the same thing happen in a live stream yesterday when he chased a wolf from jackrabbit island. He killed the wolf, looked straight up to check for a 2nd wolf and then immediately back down to the dead wolf carcass -- it had vanished. No meat or hides had been taken (for some reason wolves have no guts now), but the entire body was gone. Total time looking away from the fresh kill was about 1 second.

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