#353 Wolf jumped me from a tree


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I was in the area across the railroad from the dam being chased by a wolf, moving towards the bridge, when all of a sudden another wolf came falling down about 15 feet next to me. It looked like it came falling out of one of the trees near the bridge. I thought it must have been some sort of Rambo wolf or something...

Well, probably he wasn't really in the tree, it just felt that way. But he did came falling from a height, possibly from the rock behind the tree. But that rock would (should) have been too high for a wolf to jump from. I'll see if I can get a screenshot from the area where it happened. Didn't stay around with 2 wolves on my tail.

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Here's the screenshot of the location where it happened. Behind the rocks and trees runs the train bridge, you can just make it out between the trees. I'm not sure of the exact location where it happened, but I would have sworn it was to far away for the wolf to have come of the rocks. I know for sure it dropped down, it didn't come walking down the slope of the rock on the right of the screenshot.


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