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Something that occurred to me the other night: Since food degrades over time, I'd like the ability to counter that by taking advantage of the miserable weather outside: i. e. cold storage. Let's say you find a bucket with a lid and bury it outside your front porch. Instant freezer, and a sealed container should keep other creatures from finding your food, as opposed to just burying stuff directly in the snow.

Also, much as I hate being ambushed by wolves, I do feel that if I stalk wolves to steal their kills, they're likely to do the same to me. Harvesting a fresh carcass is something best done away from your base, since you have a chance of crows and wolves spotting you as you work. Also, if you've been up to your elbows in fresh deer guts, you may be at an increased risk for infection and/or more noticeable to wolves until you do something about all that blood.

Ice fishing! Because I'm being nostalgic. Either hack open the ice with a hatchet, or (if you're very, very lucky) find and repair a manual ice auger. Because, really, there is such a thing as too much venison.

NPC enemy toggle. I can live with the wolves, but apparently the finished product will also have other survivors, which thrills me not at all. I'd like the ability to toggle off either or both enemy types in the sandbox at least, whenever I feel like just going toe to toe with the elements.

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You can already take advantage of the cold weather for storing food. Many of the outside containers like backpacks and corpses have a lower degradation rate for food items then inside containers. Containers that can be placed by the player have been suggested several times already and although I hope they will be implemented, I rather doubt it.

Having being covered in blood make a difference on wolf behavior and chance of getting food poisoning sounds good, but then there should also be the ability to clean up.

Ice fishing is already being worked on.

Only thing I have to say on NPC's is that they will not all be hostile and it's not sure yet if they will also be in the sandbox mode or only in the story mode.

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