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Hi All

Can someone tell me what about the Bunker? I searched 4 times in all areas in mystery lake and in these 9 locations, there is no Bunker. It spawns now in Coastal Highway too or just in mystery lake? i noticed that some places are changed with the new version like the place near to the clear cut where those 2 Bunkers spawn.I am now at day 72 and finding the Bunker will be helpfull.

Thank you

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The OP did say he's looked at all 9 locations already, so he probably knows about all 9 locations already... Just in case if you don't @jonas123, take a look at

by @Trandor showing all 9 locations. If it's not in any of those locations there are 3 posibilities:

1. The bunker spawn is not 100% (anymore).

2. It can also spawn at the Coastal Highway map.

3. There is at least one new location at the Mystery Lake map.

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Yes i play too long the long dark and i know all the 9 locations, i did many save games and i have already find a bunker in all runs. This time nothing found and i was there 4 Times and i have searched in every inch. It spawns currently just at lake ,i asked Hinterland, their is no Bunker in coastal Highway. I dont know if there is a bug or may be a non bunker save game. I dont know but if you look at steam community you will find people who have the same problem and they confirm that some places are changed and they dont look like the map before especialy the place of the 2 Bunkers near to the clear cut.Now i am in my 103 day run and find the bunker with some ammo will be so good.I hope that the best idea is to find some information about the bunker location and collect them from several houses and cabines to find at least the bunker that will be really better than searching and searching and nothing to find.

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