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1. Automatic assault rifle- wat is even game without

2. Tanks - tanks are so awesome, this game is clearly stupid if it doesn't put 1 in!!!!11111

3. Body armour- I searched twenty houses and I didn't find nones

4. Kill streaks- I 360 no scoped 2 wolves no UAV WTF

5. Romance options - I demand lovers of the homo, hetero and exogenous varieties

6. Aliens - See ^^ also to shoot...sometimes...or harvest their technologies. Or ride, but to actually, not ^^

7. Helicopter with miniguns on both sides: that way when you play with 2 friends you don't have to fight over who gets gunnerz seat

8. Perk trees: I needs to specialize...MKAY?

9. Morality choices with moving colours: I need the game to tell me what's good and bad plz

10. Zombies - because all game ares better with zAMBIES

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