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Hi everybody

Here are a few ideas that came in my mind after a few hours on the alpha:

Short term :

- Why can't I repair my clothes using other clothes made of the same material? Like using the wool of my socks to repair my wool coat etc...

- A shortcut to eat and drink directly from fridge and cupboard : When i want to set myself in a house, i put my gears in cupboard and my food in the fridge. Right now, everytime i want to eat or use an item, I have to add it in my inventory before doing something with it. A shortcut to use it directly would be quicker and more realistic.

- Food and drinks are to easy to find... After visiting a few houses, you end up with a lot of cans and bars which allows you to survive for too long without the necessity to use your environment (i'm thinking about hunting)

-The use of hunting bows in very common in Canada. Finding some in houses would be very appropriate. The possibility to craft one would also be very interesting

-Bears.... Please give me a bad ass grizzly that hunt me down, hanging around my spot if I stay somewhere for too long.

-The possibility of evolve trap like hole with spike to protect a camp Maybe find some wolftrap in the house and use it outside with a bate to get meat and gut

Long term:

- The problem for me with a sandbox is you often end up with nothing to do. Random events like avalanches, radio contact with strangers, maybe plane passing by can add some diversity to the game ..

- The use of vehicles like the typical canadian snowmobile to give a larger acces to the whole map. Of course it would require some rare pieces to fix it before using it. I always love the feeling of deserving something in video games..

- The presence of abandoned survival camps with special stuff like maybe a generator who could be used quickly to craft stuff requiring electricy (i'm not being specific but you guys are probably more creative that i am).

I'm gonna stop here. Thanks for reading me, keep up the good work, I've had a fantastic time playing the alpha. Can't wait for the next update. If you finally decide to publish the road map for the game, it would be awesome to have a sample of your ideas..


Jose D.

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Only about ANY "need electricity" stuff is gone about the electromagnetic storm so, (we discuss it a lot in other posts)

No cars, no planes, no generator, no radio. About special camp there is the bunker random spawn and maybe will be other things like it. A special door in an house maybe ecc

Think sandbox will be only about no quest subquest ecc but.. is interesting something that attract an explosion for example ecc, strange sound or a cable into the snow to follow. Yes more attracting element to give you the sensation of a "false" objective

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Welcome to the forums Jose! Glad you're enjoying the game.

- You can harvest clothes, this gives you cloth. You can use the cloth to repair clothes.

- Being able to eat/ drink right from the container could be a nice addition. Personally I haven't missed it, since I almost never eat or drink immediately after picking it up.

- There is quite a bit of food laying around, but if you're not lucky enough to find a rifle early on, hunting isn't that easy unless you are willing to take on wolves for meat. But I guess there could be a little less.

- Bows and crossbows have been suggested many times. I hope they get added.

- There will be more animals in the game, bears will be among those.

- I really like the idea of placing traps around your base to catch/ kill/ deter predators. It's not much fun stepping out the door to be instantly attacked by 2 wolves... Something that at least keeps them at a distance from my base would be very much appreciated.

- Random events would be nice, but they would have to fit within the setting of TLD. So, no radio's or planes.

- Vehicles don't work because of the event. That includes snowmobiles. Aside from that, it would completely change the way the game is played. Being able to move around much faster would eliminate the threat of freezing or wolves tracking you. And it enables you to move large distances without using up a lot of calories. For this reason I don't think there will ever be functioning vehicles in TLD. No matter what technical reasons anyone can come up with why it should be able to repair a vehicle. But I do think there should be broken vehicles, if only for immersion.

- Generators don't work for the same reasons vehicles don't. I doubt they'll ever get added to the game. I do like the idea of finding traces of other people who have been (or still are?) trying to survive.

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Thank you for your answer.. I have to admit I didn't make the effort to fully understand the background of TLD before posting . I apologize for that.

I think is not a big problem.

Sure, playing the game and reading the forum you will understand and nothice a lot of things.

At the beginning after few hours of gameplay we wanna all tell what we have in our mind.

After you will chose less arguments more "yours"

Welcome into the loooong Dark

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