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There seems to be a lack of animals in the game so far only wolves, deer & few rabbits.

Consider adding more species that match the environment your trapped in such as:

- Grizzly & Polar Bears

- Wolves that travel in packs

- Caribou

- Moose

- Arctic Rams

- Arctic Foxes

- Wolverine

- Seals & Walrus on Coastal area

- More Bird Types (possibly to eat)

These animals will need proper AI to model realistic actions (grazing/hunting) and how they react to player.

Hunting should be an immersive experience and to help improve on game play, instead of scavenging cans of food as your only food source. Setting traps and fishing lines to catch wild animals can be productive to starting small food cache rather than wandering around starving and freezing looking for the next can of beans.

Ice Fishing & Traps are something that NEEDS to be included into game for future updates, god luck on developing.

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Maybe it's just a type and he meant to say "good luck"...

The devs have always intended to add more animals to the game and several are already in the making. Bears will definitely be added. I don't know what else they have planed, but suggestions are always good.

You can already hunt both the deer and the wolves and it's possible to trap the rabbits. So you don't have to scavenge cans of food. I use the packaged food for emergency stashes as it degrades much slower and live of the meat I hunt and trap.

Ice fishing is already in the making as well. But I expect this will be something you need to "do" yourself, not just set a line and go do something else like trapping.

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