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Why not being able to forage for wood while cooking our food, boiling water etc?

Why not repairing our clothes / harvesting from goods during cooking/boiling?

Why not boiling water and cooking at the same time (on a stove off course)?

Also I would love to stop/pause cooking or boiling since there is great possibility to run out of fire, without the ability to drop a wood during cooking.

In general I would like a more flexible and multitasking action procedure.

What do you think?

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Sounds interesting, there should be a pause button while using a fire and foraging and all of those things. One thing that i really find annoying is when your melting snow then you try to boil water and your so close like half a second from being done and then, fire is out. :( It should save what you'd have managed to finish by the time the fire is out. This is like essential.

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Being able to put a few liters of water, or a pan with venison, on the stove and be able to do something else while it is cooking would be super awesome! It would also allow me to see my fires, not just accelerated time through the fire menu.

Besides it would also add something valuable to gameplay: your food could burn!

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Yeah, but if you're able to put a pan with venison on the fire and go do something else, it should also be burnt if you leave it on there too long. And when melting snow, you'd need to keep adding snow until there's enough water. And if you leave the water on the stove once it start to boil, it should evaporate the water over time. Lots of new mechanisms to add to the game that would quickly become annoying...

I do think you should be able to add wood to the fire while you're cooking/ melting/ boiling and that is should be possible to interrupt the process.

But I don't think that you should get 4.5L of potable water when boiling 5L and the fire dies before it is completely boiled. If you put 5L of water on the stove and the fire doesn't last long enough to get it to a boil, the entire 5L is not save to drink. I do think it should be possible to light a new fire and finish boiling those 5L in much less time than would be required when starting all over again.

i think it will be update. when multiplay is coming, we have to share time.

example, player1 have forage wood, but player2 go hunt. forage wood have many time. hunt have free time. it's big problem.

You're assuming there will ever be a multiplayer. I don't think that will happen. When playing with multiple players, everything would need to happen "in real game time". That means no more accelerating time during things like harvesting, repairing, crafting, skinning animals, foraging etc. I don't want to play a game where I would need to spend 40 in game minutes to take all the hide of a deer, not to mention the time required to take all the meat from a deer.

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