Interactions with objects / crafting?


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Hi everyone, LOVE the game.

Some random ideas:

- I would love to be able to interact with more stuff from the environment like the pans or glasses that we see on shelves sometimes. Maybe we could be able to carry them to use somehow or to harvest for scrap metal ?

- Also maybe being able to read what's on the walls like calendars, pictures or even books on shelves or Diary on dead bodies... just to learn a bit more about where we are and what happened ? Maybe that's not the point of the game I dunno, or maybe that's for later with the story version, but that would be cool, specially when you have to wait for the storm to pass.

- Totally love the crafting, if we could have generally more crafting things to do that would be awesome, I guess that will come later. I do love the idea of having candles or torches as many suggested.

- Why not using the sewing kit after a bite from a wolf, to make stitches ?

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