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BTW great game so far

My wishes. :mrgreen:

1. Don't make the indoors so warm. The indoors should be the same as the temperature outside. Only the windchill should be eliminated once you enter a building. The only way to warm a building up is through a latern/candles/fire place.

2. Implement Candles into the game. Candles can provide both light and some heat.

3. Wood wood everywhere but not a branch to burn. I don't understand why there is a limit on how much you can forage. You are in a forest after all.

4. The ability to recycle clothing into bandages.

5. This game is called the The Long Dark, but the sunsets at 9 PM and rises at 5 AM. I don't know if you have ever been to the far North of a Canadian during winter... but depending on where you are, you can have 24 hours of Darkness or only a few hours of daylight a day. I don't know why we have 16 hours of daylight in this game :shock:

6. Food poisoning shouldn't be as severe as it is in this game. Maybe have it at a -50% reduction of your health over a 24 hour period. Antibiotics can reduce symptoms :D

7. Coastal Highway has way too many buildings to explore... I have food for months now that I have looted all the buildings on that map. :?

8. Also I think food spoils way too quickly. I want my wolf meat to last a week in a cool setting o-o

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Some good ideas here.

1. The temperature inside should follow the outside temperature, but it should do so more slowly and would probably always be warmer than the outside. The walls don't just block the wind, they also provide insulation.

But before they implement this, they should first implement beds providing warmth.

2. Candles are a very good idea. Would love to see these in the game.

3. You can only forage 20 reclaimed wood inside, outside you can forage as much cedar or fir as you want.

4. You can harvest clothing into cloth and cloth into bandages.

5. Been mentioned several times. The night used to be much longer in early alpha, but the game was just not much fun to play as you had to stay inside for long periods at a time. I would be okay with longer nights, if there would be much more light sources (more kerosene, torches, candles etc)

6. Food poisoning needs work, thats for sure. Some way of "sleeping off" food poisoning would be great, with antibiotics removing the need to sleep it off.

7. There are never too many buildings to explore. There may be too much loot in them, but then again almost empty houses would be rather unrealistic...

8. If you cook your meat it will degrade much slower and will last a week easily in an inside container. Store it in an outside container and it should keep even longer.

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I agree with 1,2,3

1.The house is so warm, so we don't need fire. we just need fire when we melt snow or cook meat. that's all. lol

2.I think not Candles. How about Torch? Craft with wood, colth(leather), fuel.

3.In house, we have limited wood. so outside we have limited wood too. we have to near with tree and cut that.

likes 1tree = 5wood.

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I think tree's should either be fell-able or logs that are already on the ground can be harvested for wood, but it takes more calories to harvest it, with one 6 meter log of diameter 30cm supplying 96 wood maximum, but it takes much longer to harvest and takes more of a ding out of your axe, but it is a guaranteed source of firewood.

I also think that some houses should be locked, so you have to break in (the forcing mechanic with the prybar) to enter the house.

Bear traps should be in the woods as well, since this is a hunting region, bear traps could damage anything upwards of a wolf in size (that includes deer). This would also mean you can pick them up, and set them to capture wolves or similar.

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Also, as I have experienced felling a tree and processing it into firewood (we'll ignore the seasoning process in game), I can tell you that you feel exhausted after breaking up only part of a large log, so fatigue would rapidly build up if you chose to harvest part of the log. (I also think that after each harvest, the log itself appears smaller and looks hacked at)

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Yeah, the light thing should be left as-is even if it's unrealistic. If you're in the northern hemisphere areas with the midnight sun during summer, during winter you don't actually see the sun come over the horizon, there's just some light peeking over the edge. That would not make for a fun game.

I'm not sure about the wood foraging, either, but... It's hardly the most interesting activity in the first place, not sure expanding it is such a wise idea. It is supposed to be a game after all. But I do agree that you should spend more time doing it. Like, you would have to spend 2 hours but you would also get two hours' worth of wood.

Someone said you could instantly remove food poisoning with antibiotics or sleep it off, that would match the current way that ankle sprains work: Take a painkiller and it's gone. It's highly unrealistic, but again, it's supposed to be a game.

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I don't think there should be a minimum time spend on gathering wood (other than it is now that is). If you have to forage for 2 hours, that would mean you'd always be freezing by the time you're finished if the weather is less then perfect.

Now, even if the weather is crappy I can go out and forage for 1 cedar log, get back inside before I start freezing. So if I were out of wood and needed to boil some water, I can actually do that without needing to gather for 2 hours in -25C temperatures.

I don't think antibiotics should instantly fix your food poisoning, I guess I didn't explain that too well. What I meant was that with antibiotics it should take like 10 hours of sleep as it does now, but without it should pass in say 72 hours with a lot of sleep and drinking lots of water.

But then there should be some solution for the starvation problem. If you have food poisoning, you can't hold down any food. If you don't eat, you'll probably be dead in 72 hours in this game.

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