Did anyone here ever play Midwinter?

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When I spotted the Kickstarter for TLD, my first thought was - wow - this looks like the sequel to Midwinter I always wanted. Granted, the focus is quite different, but I remember skiing across a deserted island in blocky 3D back in 1990 being quite immersed in that world.

Anyone else here that played it too? For those not old enough to remember, Google it or have a look here - good stuff back in the Amiga days: Midwinter on Wikipedia

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Oh yeah, I played Midwinter a lot, although I can't really remember much of it apart from skiing across snowy wastes trying to hide from enemy aircraft and getting into towns and trying to recruit followers. I remember it as very hard and not easy to even figure out what to do or where to go, but the feeling of the world being alive and your actions meaningful was there during playing.

Apparently there's a remake "coming in 2015" but I am sceptical looking at the screenshots.


TLD does a much better job for simulating a winter environment that those mocked up screens look.

And theres no info since January so I think its a dead project :(

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