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1 hour ago, StrangerFromTheInternet said:

I'm really trying to put myself into your shoes, but your arguments just don't make sense to me. I struggle to believe that that is really your prime reason for this draconian amount of censorship surrounding mods.

I also can't help but think about Klei -- they're another Canadian indie game studio, about the same size as Hinterland, and they're very open around the topic of modding. They're having none of the issues you're describing.


(I really had to tiptoe around the rules here. I think everything I said is allowed, but I may have came a bit close to the line at some points. I'm really just looking for a honest discussion of this topic, so please treat this with some leniency :))

Not presuming to know anything, but if I was a game dev I would want people to experience the game as we intended it before mods start changing player experiences and before we've even had a chance to reach our vision for the game yet. Then after that point, by all means, I'd love to see what everyone does with it while continuing to still work on improving the vanilla experience. I mean this generally, not TLD specifically.

I think discussing the idea of implementing mods/mod support is entirely different than discussing available unofficial mods and how/where to get them. It'd be weird to me if you got in trouble for that, but I dunno.

None of this is any sort of argument, just my perspective of why I wouldn't want mods in a game if I were a dev.

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Posts deleted and thread locked. While it was fine to discuss the desire for mods repeatedly arguing with us over our forum rules is not a useful way for any of us to spend our time. 

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