#320: Terrifying Bug 2 of 3: SuperWolf


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As I was nearing the hunter's cabin, I noticed a wolf also heading towards it. I threw a flare on the ground in front of him, near the barn in the clearing, and headed up to the door of the cabin, keeping an eye on my canine friend who was keeping an eye on the burning flare in front of him.

Then it happened - the flare burned out. The wolf instantly broke into a headlong run in my direction. I chuckled, and looked around for the stag. I then realized there was none and before I was able to enter the cabin he was upon me. I fought heroically, but my frozen fists were no match for him. But then, suddenly, with my health at 1%, he was gone, I didn't notice how or where.

To be continued...


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My apologies, I wasn't clear enough - the bug I was reporting was that the wolf magically knew where I was, even though I was much too far away from it for it to see me once the flare burned out. It was as if the flare somehow let it know where I was, if that makes sense, because it ran straight for me as soon as it was no longer distracted.

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