The mug is sweet! However..

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Ok, I know it's been mentioned here before.. but what's the deal with the Hinterland mug? Seriously, this is my favorite game and I think Hinterland is as awesome as developers get, and the mug is a must have item for me. But when I went to buy it I was a bit surprised:


Subtotal    $26.00 USD
Shipping    $11.97 USD
Total    USD $37.97 USD

I mean I'm down to support you guys and I'm getting the mug regardless, but isn't $40 pretty steep for a coffee mug? Especially since that's much more than I paid for the game itself? Just kind of wondering what the reasoning is for this. Is shipping normal for Canada recipients? You should give a free copy of the game with every mug purchase for this price lol.

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If they made it in tin I could get it, but glass is too risky imo for that price. At any rate I’d love to see more merch like a journal, a pen, a pocket knife,stuff like that. 

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