#289 Terrifying Bug 1 of 3: Ghostly Stag


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I just had a most frightening experience with three bugs, all different but possibly related. I've split these posts up into three parts to make things easier to sort for you guys, and have attached the same log to each.

I was heading towards the hunter's cabin and stopped by the collapsed tunnel on my way. I noticed there were two wolves on the prowl near the tunnel, so I chased a stag towards them, and managed to get one of the wolves to chase it. I then waited until the second wolf wasn't looking and quickly searched the area.

Upon leaving the tunnel area safely, I then proceeded to look for the feasting wolf and found him quite quickly, but he was chewing away on nothing that I could see. I scared him off with a flare and searched the area he was feasting on, but there was absolutely no trace of any antlered creature.

I continued on my journey feeling very empty.


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