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I can't find any posts from the devs on this topic in the forums, but there's one pinned on the discussion forums on steam. I'm going to copypaste the relevant bit here for your convenience (I've highlighted the most important parts):

"The Long Dark was designed from the beginning to be a single-player experience and we don't have any plans to add multiplayer. It doesn't quite fit with type of experience we are trying to build and yes, the technical challenges of trying to add multiplayer to the existing game would be pretty significant.

However we do understand many people are interested in a multiplayer experience, and don't fault anyone for finding the idea compelling (it IS fun to imagine). We've seen quite a few requests for it, and it might be something we consider for a future game -- but not this one."

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Launch a "kickstarter" or any other campaign to collect money to develop a multiplayer mode? 

Hinterland makes an estimation what it would cost, and then start the campaign. 

Let's say it costs 100k, then try to achieve 50-80k and let it run for about 1-3 Months. 

Rest of the money you collect by selling the addition as a DLC (or add-on) for 1-3$ 

All Players who are interested can buy it. Rest is not affected from Multiplayer mode if they don't like it. 

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