#292 Found the end of the world


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So if you walk to the far side of coastal highway and keep climbing up on the mountain you can make your way to something that appears as a glacier to me. If you walk all the way up you have a really nice view on the great lake, probably this is the highest point in the game so far. However, you can also turn around and walk a bit, where you can actually look behind the map :) It appears as if you could also jump down, but didn't want to try. Maybe you devs want to add a wall there or something.

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Sure, here you go. One just shows the nice view up here, the others are screens of the buggy parts. If you ask me, don't make the whole area unaccessible, since it's really nice up here. Rather put another snow wall behind all this and maybe even include a little cabin or a bunker at this place. It's at least a little challenging to get up here and therefore probably rewarding to find something valuable as well.





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