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A Few Forging and Crafting Ideas

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I know this is a longshot of being seen, but I had a few suggestions about increased items to be crafted or forged. Thinking about long term survival, it makes sense to give an option for a craftable hat or earmuff of some sort, whether it be from rabbit, deer, or some sort of added fauna like beaver or fox. 

Additionally, I believe the forging UI could be improved or added upon. Possibly higher temperatures achieved could increase the items you could forge. Currently 150ºC can yield arrowheads, improvised hatchets and knives. I'm suggesting maybe if the temperature were up to 250º or 300º+, the option for better tools or even bullets could be made. Possibly an expensive pickaxe that would be required to harvest different metal types to make bullets.

Feel free to add your ideas for craft/forge additions that are feasible with the materials that are already in the game.

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