#312: Single rifle rounds have disappeared?

Burning Bridges

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Make sure to check the ammo boxes. If you have ammo boxes that were not at the maximum of 6 bullets we will add the single bullets to those boxes.

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The two rifle rounds have never reappeared.

Perhaps this has to do with items from the last map not merging with new ones? Perhaps they have different amount of content? Some of my equipment has followed me all the way from Trappers Homestead to Coastal Highway, and has been there for a long time.

This would be same type of error, the restacking logic adds some remaining antiseptic to an already full bottle, but then nothing is added. Same with Ammo(5) + single ammo = Ammo(5)

In case someone read my previous post about antiseptic disappearing, that was a false alarm. I found it had ended up in another container and the tab was not active. /SORRY

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