Poorly implemented "zones"


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No, not saying the ones that are in are poor, they're quite nice, lots of twists and turns to get lost in but well thought out.

I'm saying, it's an alpha, we paid for alpha. Lets implement a bunch of half or less finished zones to play in and work from there. I see what's going on, you're trying to put out product that is playable at all times and easing in to your larger scope But, this is alpha, people should know this and be able to put up with it. I say lets see the scope of the area you want to cover in whatever form it is in. Hey, and if in the end the larger scope isn't panning out, then you can back it off and put up a sign saying "We hit the panic button, you can't go here". This may even lead to zones with NO shelter, maybe it's just a zone of deer, wolves and bunnies. Maybe that's everyones favourite zone, but it were to be implemented today, it would be hated because the zone wouldn't connect to enough other zones to make it viable. I don't know the end-game or full scope of this game, so I'm just shooting in the dark as to how much is going to be there in the end, maybe it's only 2-4 zones and a story. It would be small and nice and well worth it for certain, but confusing the alpha testers may lead to suggestions and ideas that just make the end-game that much harder.

I suggest this because seeing small finished zones, people get comfortable in it, they feel as if the game is complete; but if that isn't the finished product (small areas of survival) we get scared, confused and angry when big change happens. (as you know) Like the supposed city in the background of an image. I don't see a reason to hide the ideas for alpha testers, I think saying... This is what we hope to build, this is what we think will happen, this is probably what will happen will be better... Then have plan B, where you just have a few small areas of survival and hope no one notices you didn't do any more.

I would say, if you can walk on it, has the general shape of what you were thinking as that zone, load it in. And put a big, immersion breaking sign on the front of the load point "Unfinished Zone, Use at own risk. Not allowed to complain about it."


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I first thought I diagree with your idea, but something makes sense. To release one map that is larger than the others and does not contain much. And "alpha map" that just serves as a playing field , larger than the others and without much content. Perhaps that could be considered.

But I think they are still right on track with their ideas, to make new maps with character, a story mode etc, and no gigantic sandbox with unlimited size and random locations. That was never the intention and I prefer it that way.

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