#286 Starting Fire Near Map Change Bug


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So I was traveling down the railroad to head into Coastal Highway but my character was cold and thirsty so I quickly went to start a fire. As soon as I clicked to place it, Ravine showed up on my screen with my tab menu open, and it seemed my character was holding a rifle, lantern, flare and hatchet all of a sudden. I couldn't left click anything so pressed escape to exit the window. All the items I was apparently holding vanished then, so I opened the tab menu to try and do a fire again, however left click still would not work. I'll try and recreate the issue in a recording to post in a few minutes, I just wanted to write this down before details slipped my mind.

Edit: Here is the video. When recreating the issue, I was able to left click menu options after, though the first time I could not. Also the first time it happened to me, I don't recall it saying Travel to Ravine, though I may not have been paying attention. However, not sure if it would be wise to disable starting fires near the map change.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hmTBjBV ... e=youtu.be

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