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During my last game I took some notes while playing. So here is my feedback on the latest version of the alpha in list format:

  • The recent update to make items last you longer but be rarer was a good change. But loot still seems a bit too common to make it interesting past your first few buildings. Maybe it should be even rarer? Or more difficult to get to?
  • Coastal Highway just has way too much loot. Especially when it comes to clothes and sewing kits. Freaking sewing kits all over the place! This is made even worse by how easy this area is to navigate. Maybe the weather in the zone could be a lot harsher and windier, being on the coast and all. More frequent blizzards and storms but generally milder temperature.
  • Speaking of which, once you find some basic clothing, the weather and temperature is far too easy to deal with.
  • Some items you should just remove the condition percentage on. So many items just stay at 100% anyway, it seems like a waste for it to be there. Or at least make it invisible in the UI for things like water, wood, newpapers and so on.
  • The character should comment on making it through another night earlier than 8:00 AM. When this happens I've usually been awake for hours already. Perhaps 6:00 AM or when you wake up after light has broke. And they would say it indoors as well.
  • Snares are interesting, but currently the reward seems a bit low. Maybe allow two-three uses per snare. I didn't even bother putting up any snares in my last game.
  • How many antibiotics you find and need are too RNG. They seem to currently be the only way to deal with food poisoning. If you get crap luck and find 6 antibiotics searching both maps, it's game over after 6 bouts of food poisoning unless you resort to save-scumming.
    And you will apparently get food poisoning sooner or later no matter how and what you eat, because when I've gotten it it has been from high condition food. Even a 100% cooked venison. I also ate loads of 20-40% condition foods that never seem to give food poisioning, but get it from 70% or higher foods... Every time has been from meat or dog food.
  • We need more fireplaces and ovens in buildings. There are so many houses that currently lack a place to start a fire indoors. The island cabins on Coastal Highway for instance. They are pretty cool base locations (few wolves, many rabbits), but I can't seriously consider them because of this.
  • The default indoor temperature should be lower. Then if you started a fire the heat would linger for many hours, fading over the course of a day or two if you don't heat it up again. And you could warm up slowly even in a cold building by sleeping in a bed or using your bedroll.
  • We need more achievements so there's more to do in sandbox after surviving 50 days. Finding the hidden stash could be one. Exploration achievements are good fun. Maybe collectibles? And maybe some easier achievements for beginners, like for finding the tools and the rifle. Downing your first deer. Killing a wolf with your bare hands. Being killed by Fluffy.
  • Is the plan to add basements? I've noticed some of the new interiors have a door under the stairs that you can't interact with.
  • The character's POV seems a bit too close to the ground or is it just me?
  • Does compression bandage have a use at the moment? Either way it's extremely rare.
  • Why was everyone about to burn their long underwear in their bathtubs just before the apocalypse hit? :?
  • I just realized you can place a lit lantern. This is awesome. :) But I would like to be able to switch it on or off without having to put it back in my inventory.

And finally the wolves... wolves, wolves. The following is all wolf-specific feedback. :P

  • Wolves are great, but it would be nice if it were easier to tell if one is waiting outside to jump you. I mean, realistically your character could peek through the door or windows to check, so I don't think wolves should be able to jump you without you even having the chance to turn around and get back inside. Maybe add a minimum range they are allowed to be near your spawn outside the building.
  • The wolf breathing sound you sometimes hear while inside seems to be completely unrelated to whether or not there is a wolf nearby. Sometimes I've gone out just after hearing it and not seen any wolves at all nearby. Also had no sound warning and been jumped immidately outside the door.
  • Wolves seem to "respawn" too quickly. I killed two wolves in the Coastal Townsite one day and they seemed to have respawned the next day when I came back after recovering to harvest the meat.
  • The way in which wolves "camp" certain looty areas is rather annoying and too easy to predict. They would be more unpredictable and dangerous if they patrolled larger routes and stayed in groups with a few lone ones, while still more often being in the loot-heavy locations. The camping also means that every day when you step outside in the morning there's a risk a wolf will jump down your throat. This is especially true if one should dare to make Coastal Townsite their home.
  • Speaking of Coastal Townsite, a few of the houses here have a porch that wolves can't reach you from. But the way wolves currently work, I consider these porches a feature. :P
  • Wolf stalking is pretty boring at the moment. You could instead have a wolf stalk you for a long time, maybe following you more slowly from a distance for a while to see if you're easy prey. Then pouncing if you become weak (exhausted, injured, encumbered so you can't run). Currently they stop following you very quickly.

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Very nice thoughtful analysis and suggestions. The food poisoning/antibiotics spawn is a complaint for many people. An alternative treatment or alteration in frequency would be nice. The wolf respawning is also rather odd. I've had several dead bodies of wolves lying round while the live ones trip over them. Perhaps they can wait to respawn until the bodies are gone?

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That would make sense. I'm not certain, but I think currently a corpse despawns faster if you loot everything from it (all meat, leather, gut). So that would have to be balanced out. At any rate, I think they should at least tie a respawn timer to each wolf upon death. Then you can actually consider using your ammo on them or risking wolf-wrestling in a situation where you just want to make an area safer for a bit. At least two days...

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