New region map?

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4 hours ago, Drifter Man said:

I've found that some of these bushes can be bypassed by taking a different route. I'm also told you can find an improvised hatchet there on Interloper, so the bushes are part of the puzzle you need to solve

Sadly, some spots are hardlocked due to those bushes (mysterious signal fire). I appreciate the attempt by Hinterland to make a challenging puzzle map but there should be more than one solution to bypass those bush obstacles. The way it is now is not really compelling to me because it´s very restrictive without a hatchet which once you find it is basically a wildcard for entering every spot in this map (That´s a little too binary to me).


3 hours ago, Drifter Man said:

I can confirm (at least) 3 exits from the wolf cave and (at least) 2 exits from the other one. Both have a small rope climb inside, and I am pretty sure they are two different climbs. I haven't explored the surroundings of all the exits. And I can't be sure the other cave is wolf-safe, but right now my survivor is betting on it.

Interesting although i never met the cave wolf!

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