#266: The tale of the disappearing animals (v.156)


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I exited the Camp Office through the back door and saw a wolf take down a deer right in front of me. I went back inside, got the rifle and went outside again. I shot the wolf and both the wolf and the deer were gone... I went to the spot where they were and could still hear the wolf, but couldn't find either wolf nor deer.

I reloaded and tried again, same result. Reloaded another time and got so close the wolf attacked me. I shot him just before I reached him but again both wolf and deer disappeared.

Something similar happened near Trappers Homestead. A wolf was chasing a deer when I came over the hill. They ran from TH to the rocks behind TH, where they both disappeared right at the moment the wolf would have caught the deer. After I walked to the spot I could hear the wolf, but couldn't find it. I checked the rocks to see if any of them were passable, but that was not the case.

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