#269: One of two wolves ignoring player


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PC/Steam version.

Happening occasionally - happened exactly two times.

I attacked a wolf or rather deliberately got attacked by one and threw him off, so he started running. There was another wolf not too far away (10 meters give or take) and I wanted to get him to attack and run too, so I could follow both if they ran in the same direction. But the second wolf would just stand there. I tried walking away a bit and then coming in again from different directions, but nothing would happen, so I went after the first one and he was gone when I was making my way back. This took place (looking from the lake) between gas station and the house to its left, on flat ground.

The second time the scenario was almost identical, although I was able to get both wolves to attack me and I chased both up the hill next to the town. I was able to finish one of them and was hoping to kill the second one right away, but again it just stood there. This time though, I decided to go and get the meat from the first kill, while the second wolf was "standing by" 10-20 meters away and tried again after I was finished, this time it reacted. This took place on the hill above the town, directly behind the gas station looking from the lake. The wolves often run up there after a struggle.

No gunshots involved in any of these, so they weren't startled. It wasn't anywhere near terrain or obstacles as far as I remember.

Now that I think about it, could it be that the other wolf is "paused" while the first one is on top of me and it just didn't get "unpaused"?

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Guest Alan Lawrance

We only allow one wolf to stalk the player at a time (maybe too easy!) -- so it does sound like something wasn't properly reset to allow the second wolf to stalk or attack the player.

Logged as ticket #269

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