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With the advent of the new map, I have found that the coastal highway is a buffet table compared with the Mystery Lake map.

Rare items crop up in pristine condition on a regular basis, plentiful wildlife, large stocks of food, soooo many toilets filled with water. I was wondering if the game could implement a difficulty setting when you start up the world.

Easy: as it says, easy. Plentiful food, relatively clement weather, low wolf density, high resources.

Regular: slightly harder. More wolves, less resources, more frequent blizzards.

Hardened: more difficult again. Resources are few and far between, most deer populations have been depleted by the ravaging wolf packs in the region, blizzards howl past on a daily basis.

Survivalist: One man/woman and their gun, their wits, a whole loada wolves and weather that would make bear grylls run for the hills.

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