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"...baccalaureate thesis, De Principio Individui (“On the Principle of the Individual”), which appeared in May 1663, was inspired partly by Lutheran nominalism (the theory that universals have no reality but are mere names) and emphasized the existential value of the individual, who is not to be explained either by matter alone or by form alone but rather by his whole being (entitate tota). This notion was the first germ of the future monad. In 1666 he wrote De Arte Combinatoria (“On the Art of Combination”), in which he formulated a model that is the theoretical ancestor of some modern computers: all reasoning, all discovery, verbal or not, is reducible to an ordered combination of elements, such as numbers, words, sounds, or colours."

" 1675 Leibniz laid the foundations of both integral and differential calculus. With this discovery, he ceased to consider time and space as substances—another step closer to monadology. He began to develop the notion that the concepts of extension and motion contained an element of the imaginary, so that the basic laws of motion could not be discovered merely from a study of their nature. Nevertheless, he continued to hold that extension and motion could provide a means for explaining and predicting the course of phenomena. Thus, contrary to Descartes, Leibniz held that it would not be contradictory to posit that this world is a well-related dream. If visible movement depends on the imaginary element found in the concept of extension, it can no longer be defined by simple local movement; it must be the result of a force. In criticizing the Cartesian formulation of the laws of motion, known as mechanics, Leibniz became, in 1676, the founder of a new formulation, known as dynamics, which substituted kinetic energy for the conservation of movement. At the same time, beginning with the principle that light follows the path of least resistance, he believed that he could demonstrate the ordering of nature toward a final goal or cause."

"...development of Leibniz’s views, revealed in a text written in 1686 but long unpublished, was his generalization concerning propositions that in every true affirmative proposition, whether necessary or contingent, the predicate is contained in the notion of the subject. This notion seemed to imply determinism and thus to undermine human freedom—as did Leibniz’s conception of monads, the soul-like individual substances that make up the universe, as in a sense “containing” all of their pasts and futures."

"...understand what a monad is by beginning from the idea of a complete concept. As previously stated, a substance (that is, monad) is that reality which the complete concept represents. A complete concept contains within itself all the predicates of the subject of which it is the concept, and these predicates are related by sufficient reasons into a vast single network of explanation. So, relatedly, the monad must not only exhibit properties, but contain within itself "virtually" or "potentially" all the properties it will exhibit in the future, as well as contain the "trace" of all the properties it did exhibit in the past. In Leibniz's extraordinary phrase, found frequently in his later work, the monad is "pregnant" with the future and "laden" with the past. All these properties are "folded up" within the monad; they unfold when they have sufficient reason to do so. Furthermore, the network of explanation is indivisible; to divide it would either leave some predicates without a sufficient reason or merely separate two substances that never belonged together in the first place. Correspondingly, the monad is one, simple and indivisible."

"...analysis of space and time Leibniz argues that all relational predicates are actually interior predicates of some complete concept, so the monad's properties include all of its relations to every other monad in the universe. A monad, then, is self-sufficient. Having all these properties within itself, it doesn't need to be actually related to or influenced by another other monad. Leibniz writes:

    So if I were capable of considering distinctly everything which is happening or appearing to me now, I would be able to see in it everything which will ever happen or appear to me for all time. And it would not be prevented, and would still happen to me, even if everything outside me were destroyed, so long as there remained only God and me.

Thus, just like space and time, cause and effect is a "well-founded" illusion. According to Leibniz, causation is to be account for by saying that one thing, A, causes another, B, when the virtual relation between them is more clearly and simply expressed in A than in B. But metaphysically, Leibniz argues, it makes no difference which way around the relation is understood, because the relation itself is not real."

Selected Quotes from Maximillion Ivanov's "The Subjectification of the Objective" concerning Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz and the parallels between the modern memetic universe theory and Monadism.

EDITOR: These quotes are believed to have been plagiarized from recovered hard drives found at the NSA internet backup facility as part of "Project: Recovery" in the city formerly known as Lebanon, in the former state of Kansas, in the former country of the United States of America. Attribution of these quotes are to The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Mr. Ivanov continues to categorically reject all claims of plagiarism and refers all other inquires to his legal team. Frankly, the evidence is irrefutable.

The big question is, of course, "How did Maximillion get access to the project's data a full 12 years before its' release to the general public?"

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Never tell the truth when a lie will do.

Never tell the truth the same way twice. It will create the forest in which your lies take root.

Loyalty is a commodity, it is only valuable when the supply is low.

If you are forced to do something, be good at it.

Know when to walk away.

Avoid punishment.

Lies are an attack on authority

The truth is the best weapon, but lies are a far more common form ammunition. Know when to be a sniper, and when to spray and pray.

Deception is better than a lie, since deception is both truth and falsehood at the same time.

Jokes at another's expense are just hostility cloaked in deception.

Lies fulfill the needs and wishes of the deceiver.

Always accommodate the self-deception of others. No emperor ever rewarded the man who pointed out he was naked.

Men lie about their accomplishments.

Women lie about how well they get along with others.

It is easier for one to lie about how they see themselves, then to change what they are.

Lies that don't matter to you, will matter to others.

Telling the truth is to surrender control.

Sunlight kills a lie or causes it grow uncontrollably.

A lie is best clothed in subjective truth.

People want the world to be unfair in their favor, by either gaining more than you or tearing you down. Conceal any benefits or rewards you gain whenever possible.

Anonymity is a lie by omission.

Hide information that people don't need to know.

Truth is power. Lies strip away power. Be wary, for a lie cuts both ways.

The asking price is not the selling price.

Bluffing is a lie people expect. People blame themselves when they fall for something they expected.

Lies that build you up draw attention. Make sure you know what you want to do with that attention before you attract it.

Sometimes you should lie just to see what happens.

An ounce of image is worth a pound of performance.

The mask we wear is cover against the attacks of others. Better to have people attack an empty shell than to put yourself at risk.

Procrastination is another form of lying.

If you avoid a problem long enough, the problem becomes moot, and therefore solves itself.

Nobody notices a boring lie.

All drama is a form of lying.

People have a hard time believing what they cannot perceive. Use their imagination against them.

Lie hard enough and there is no truth that cannot be hidden.

Innocence is ignorance combined with a happy lie. Always strive to protect the innocence of others.

Lies do not damage the trust and loyalties others have in us. Getting caught does.

There are many reasons to lie, spite isn't one of them.

We must all strive to look beyond our base needs and desires. Seek out your higher selfishness.

Often the interests of others are in your best interest. Trick them into ask you to do what you would have done anyways to put them in your debt.

The greatest lie is that we are entitled to anything. All are justified in taking anything they can.

Claim everything you take is rightfully yours. Since no one else has a just claim to anything, no one can dispute you once it is yours.

Humans crave justice in a world that has none.

If something costs you dearly, we lie to ourselves and add value to that thing, even if it objectively worthless.

Honor, morals, and scruples all cost you dearly.

Ask people for help in trivial matters. One will assume they like you, the more work they do for you.

Never trust anyone who asks you for help.

Rules are simulations of reality and all simulations are lies.

There is only one objective reality and we all live in that truth. No one can know objective reality, only their own subjective reality.

All subjective truths are fantasies. All fantasies are lies.

Someone who does not perceive their exploitation is not exploited.

Never outshine the master.

Use your friends to your benefit, but never use them up.

Beaten opponents respect you more than any friend.

Conceal your intentions.

The less you speak, the better.

There is no balm for a wounded reputation, guard it with your life.

A reputation cannot exist without attention.

People don't like bad things so people try to forget the bad things. This is why people remember the past fondly and fear the future.

All publicity is good publicity. Always steal the credit, even when it's bad.

Make others come to you.

When you lay bait, do not shoot at the first animal to show up, but wait until the entire herd has gathered.

We win by our actions. Use argument to justify your actions.

Avoid the unhappy and unlucky.

Keep people dependent on you. People never bite the hand that feeds them. They bite the hand they no longer need.

Be honest about that which doesn't matter to disarm your enemies.

Pose as a friend. Work as a spy. All interrogations should be hidden in a friendly chat.

You don't have to forgive your enemies if you crush them out of existence.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. It is better to hear, "Why have you been gone?" then, "Why have you come again?"

Unpredictability is a virtue.

Isolation is dangerous. Anyone who wants you to cut social ties with others wants to control you.

Do not offend the wrong person.

Do not fully commit to any plan or side in a conflict. The man who commits everything, risks everything.

He who defends everything protects nothing.

Concentrate your power, but diversify your resources.

Act the fool, to catch a sucker.

Surrender before you have lost to negotiate better terms.

Don't allow others to define you.

Define yourself as you wish to be, not as you are.

Your life is a story, be the main character.

Keep your hands clean. Find a scapegoat and have them act as your catspaw.

Create a cult. People want to believe in a fair world, play upon that belief.

There are those who know, and those who believe.

Second guess yourself when you are safe for doubt can protect against bad outcomes.

When in danger, act decisively and with boldness. You will either succeed or fail. Doubt can only cost you victory.

Come up with at least one plan that works all the way to the conclusion you want. You may need to improvise, but if you don't have at least one plan, you are relying on luck.

The best way to make a plan is to start where you want to end up, then work backwards to where you are now.

Determine reward. Calculate risk.

Never complain about how hard it is to do something. Always make your accomplishments seem effortless.

Overnight success is an illusion.

People want to choose their future. Make sure every choice they have benefits you.

If you think you are being played. You are being played.

Find people's weak spots. Never reveal true weaknesses.

Act like a king.

Do not be loyal to those who are disloyal.

Distain that which you cannot have.

People will believe lies so insane that nobody would dare to speak them.

If everyone agrees with you, take a moment to reflect.

Think as you like, but mirror those around you. It is a rare soul who is not in love with their reflection.

Make people react to you.

Take from your enemies. Give to those who would become allies. Leave the crumbs to those who already call you friend.

Do not accept a free lunch.

Never step into a great man's shoes.

Strike the shepherd, and the sheep will scatter.

Never abuse those who are below you without a reason they understand, for they will grow to hate you, not hate themselves.

Always encourage others to change, it weakens them if they take too many risks at once. Bad advice is a great weapon.

Be familiar and change slowly so others will remain comfortable with you.

Never appear perfect. Create false flaws that you allow others to uncover.

In victory, know when to stop.

Be formless, like water. Conform to your environment to control it.

When you go to war, declare war.

When at war, the faster you end a war, the better.

If a war drags on, turn it into a crusade.

Never fight a war the same way twice.

When all is lost, allow urgency and desperation to overcome you so that you act as if this is the last thing you will ever do. Fear focused is courage and a courageous man can do the impossible.

You are never fully prepared to begin.

God doesn't care about anyone, but tell everyone he is on your side anyways.

Pick your battles. Don't throw rocks at every dog that barks.

Make your enemies live up to their own standards.

Doubt is best in the minds of your enemies.

Trade space for time. You can recover space, you can never reclaim time.

You don't have to win all the battles, only the last battle.

If you are going to hit someone, hit him where it hurts, or where it stops him from feeling anything ever again.

Negotiate while advancing.

The fool revels in his knowledge and knows no bounds. The wise man defines his knowledge by the void that surrounds it. Failure to know your limits only leads to failure.

Know yourself.

Know your enemy.

Know the conditions under which which you fight.

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We've been friends a long time. You asked me to keep on top of the Trombley situation and I have done as you asked, however, I cannot continue in this capacity any further. I've gotten old and this is a young man's game.

I blame myself for not seeing the signs. I know you'll tell me that it's not my fault, but I cannot help but think a person in better health could have been on top of this and headed this problem off before it got out of hand.

At this point you have read the reports. I can only give you my personal take on the matter. I believe someone we tested as a candidate for the containment corps was incorrectly rejected. Or rather, rejected for our purposes.

Seems he was quite compatible with Trombley.

We don't know how we missed it. It's assumed that Trombley has figured out a way to avoid detection and either become active and keep his profile so low that he can slip under the radar for short periods of time. A review of past samples of the containment cairns shows that it's possible he's been faking inactivity in hopes we'd slip up.

Boy did we slip up.

When the security cordon around the island was breached, the sudden arrival of the blizzard made immediate interception impossible. When we finally managed to send in Response Team 004 "The Ice Hammers" they found the vessel had run aground and there were no survivors.

We wrongly assumed that Trombley was in an inactive state and sent in the Ice Hammers to figure out if anyone made it on shore. From the footage, what little of the transmissions that the monitoring station picked up, we have determined that the individual who killed Response Team 004 was one Charlton Györgyi.

The on sight commander wisely initiated a complete evacuation of the island to evac points Alpha and Beta. Delta evac point was not used because nobody was present on that side of the island.

Unfortunately the majority of personnel were closest to evacuation site beta. Everyone who made it to Alpha evac were successfully extracted.

"Successfully Extracted"

How impersonal those words. Only six out of twenty made it out alive. He tortured the poor bastards who made it to Beta. Played it over the vox. We have hours of recordings if you want to heard it. I don't recommend it. I listened to every second. I forced myself.

Teams one through three were prepared to go in to attempt a rescue but I knew it was pointless. It was my call. I take full responsibility. I know it was the right call. That doesn't mean I don't hate myself for it.

As far as we can tell Trombley is tearing up the containment web as we speak. We have no choice but to deploy a candidate immediately and hope he's compatible. If we have access to any of the previous candidates who survived, we need to approach them and see if they would be willing to step up. We should also inform them it is a suicide mission, but our list is growing rather thin.

I'm not going to lie. This is going to be a blood bath. It'll take at least a dozen attempts, if not more. With Trombley having a host, it's only a matter of time before he gets free. If we throw enough candidates at the problem, assuming we can find enough, we'll be able to keep this locked down. If we run out of people before the web is re-established...


I'm not sure if we really have a contingency for that.

Please accept this as my resignation. I just can't anymore. It's too much. I understand the alternative is worse, but this is just too much blood on my hands. I suggest you begin looking for a replacement immediately.

I'm sorry.

By the time you get this letter, I will have already arrived at Evac Site Alpha. I was a previous candidate, and so we know I am compatible. I know my health is poor and I won't last long, but I cannot allow anyone else to go on to that damnable island and fix my mistakes. Maybe I'll get lucky. Who knows.

All I know is that if I don't do this, I will never forgive myself. I honestly cannot live with this knowledge. Please don't morn for me, Young Hero. This is what an old man is supposed to do. Better to burn out than fade away.

Take care and hug Valda for me. I left her something in my will.

 - Irv

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Day 929: I awoke at sunset. I don't know why, but I knew something had changed. A distant rumbling sound. It came from over the mountains. I decided to postpone my road trip to go investigate.

Day 930: A strong blizzard rose up, much to my chagrin. On the upside, the blizzards usually drive away the wolves. I got to the mine to find all my supplies placed in a red box. I... don't remember doing that. Did someone else come thought? If so... why didn't they take any of my supplies? I must have done it and forgotten... I must... have.

Day 931: I got to the other end of the mine, only to find evidence that this end, the one leading to the valley was... broken into. Which is odd because I know I left the gate unlocked. Maybe a bear? It looks torn out or... like something big... BURST out...

- Is... that a building?

- I took time to go check on my supply cache in the cave below the overhang. My curing rabbit hide and guts were undisturbed... but... I could have sworn I searched this corpse. There was a box of pistol ammo next to it. I...

- I have made it to the minimart. I remember thinking of opening up a branch her, but after the incident with the Orca X, I have elected to forgo any expansion of the franchise. Nothing seems to be disturbed here. Even the tinder plug I put by the door is unmoved. However... it... I must investigate.

- There is a building across the street. No. THERE IS A WHOLE TOWN ACROSS THE STREET. WHAT. THE. FUCK? I... Actually... I don't recall spending much time here. I would have thought I would have noticed a TOWN. Well... maybe... Did I pass by here in a blizzard? Maybe I missed it. This... is... odd. Very. ODD.

- I'm really weirded out here. The picking were slim, except for all the ammunition I found. The clothing and food is worthless, but lots of raw materials here. I could stay here for days if needed. Might need to do some starvation living, but shouldn't be that-



I know... I KNOW I searched ever inch of this. I was looking out the window at the children's playground, it has a fire pit, and past it was several cattails. I know for a fact I scoured this river for cattails already. Something... strange is going on.

- I am covering myself with my bedroll. I will spend the night watching the area. I have found that spending too much time indoors drives me a little looney, and I will watch for signs of intelligent activity.

I went inside the main community center and started a fire. I figured that would draw attention. I retreated to a vehicle nearby and hid in the back seat. I faded in and out of sleep, since I rarely sleep at all, lately. My dreams were filled with... not nightmares but vivid and- and- and...  

Day 931: Starting getting too cold to sleep in the car anymore. I ran inside, the fire long burned out. There were howls in the hills nearby. I suspect I am near a lone wolf or two. Most of them hang out in the wide open fields. I think there are rabbits nearby... maybe deer. I will see about securing this location before moving on. I have come to enjoy the feasting so common on the coast. I should have repaired my bear coat before coming here. But the weather has been so... mild. I am uncertain if it will be an issue. 

It must be me. My memory must be bad. It is too early to go out. And yet... it is... there is light here. Unnatural light. The heads of all the deer on the wall are clearly visible in the light. My eyes have adjusted to the darkness and I can see the deer heads.

I feel this place is unholy.

- This place is full of chairs... metal chairs... chairs I cannot break down with my hacksaw... except for the one in the office. What manner of deviltry is this? No metal can withstand the might of my serrated blade! And yet... This building resists my attempts to scour it of all usable material.

At least these tables fall easily to my axe. I regret leaving behind the hammer. But I have many axes. I will miss the loss of one. But it has been many... many years. What is the point of hoarding all these supplies, if not to use them?

I will make a base camp here, reinforce my position. I will prepare supplies then move on to survey the valley. It has been over a year... maybe two since I was here last.

- Found a corpse in the graveyard. On the surface. Seems fresh. Very... odd.

Day 932: Made it to draft dodgers. Killed two deer and a few rabbits. Put the snares I left here back up. I figure I should get the old bases up and running again. Haven't used them since I hauled all that gear from the top of the mountain down to the coast.

Wolves acting funny. They don't go for the lures anymore. In fact, I can scare them off just by pointing a gun at them. Did they finally learn? Is it possible I might be able to just... scare them away? After all these years, did the survivors finally learn to leave me alone?

That does mean getting food will be a bit harder. I chased a bunny into a wolf. They both sprinted past me. Haven't seen a bunny run that fast before. But eventually he caught up. Funny... my arrow went wide. Had to shoot twice. I never have to shoot twice. Not sure what is going on.

Day 935: I KNOW There wasn't a crashed airplane here... I mean... Wait... this is.. the front of a plane. And up on TWM there was the back of a plane. But... I hauled so much gear past this spot and I KNOW there was no plane here... Getting cold. And the wolves are acting funny. Haven't used these many bullets in a long time. Going to get looting.

Day 936: Tried a new trail I never noticed. Got jumped by two wolves. One got a good chomp on me. Decided too much of a pain to make it back to draft dodgers. Went to the old farm house. My piles of supplies are gone. And... I... don't remember this door in the basement. It's... like the house I used as a base for those two months... but not. I'm almost afraid to head upstairs.

- What... the... hell? There is a pot on the wall. I cannot remove it. It... it is... smoking. Or... steaming? It's like it's cooking something, but it is hanging on the wall.




- It is night now. 

When I came up stairs, the sun was sill below the horizon. I could only see the steaming pot in the half light. I have no desire to recreate the conditions. I went upstairs, made some notes and slept. When I awoke, the sun was setting, but I could see clearly.


I know I smashed ever last piece of furniture in this place. Every scrap of cloth and metal is down at the Quonset. And yet... there are brand new chairs here. New tables... with table cloths.

All my water and food is gone. I do not begrudge whomever stole my supplies. In fact, I wish him or her well. I do wish they left a note or something. Or that they... had not moved my message arrows.

Parts of my handiwork are still visible. Some of the shelves are still gone, others have been replaced. I... am most disturbed by the missing crib. I went to check on the pot on the wall. Apparently it only steams at dusk and dawn. If it's too bright or dark, the steam stops. 

This place terrifies me.

 I will remain here long enough to replace my water supply then I'm moving on.

Day 937: I saw the bear again. Thought I might lure him up to the house to snipe him from the porch, but... the house was making me... feel... I ran past him but he smelled me. He turned to follow and...

I do not remember this shack by the edge of the road.

I am writing from a haystack.

I like haystacks. Don't ask me why. I just do.

I also have run past this spot a thousand times hauling all the supplies from the mountain.

What is going on?

Day 938: I made it back to the community hall in a blizzard. I can't see the minimart from here... so... okay...

I found some frozen airline dinners up at the plane crash site. I tried to cook them. I put them by the stove. I put them ON the stove...

Damn things won't cook, much less MELT. I'm afraid to try and eat them. What the hell is going on in this damn valley?

Day 939: Motherfucker.

I have had it with this damn valley and it won't let me leave. The wolves, so absent when I arrived, have returned in force and now they are laughing at my gun. I don't get it. If I had the long rifle I'd put them down, but I took the pistol because of the weight. I am so glad I kept these ski boots. They have saved my ankles, but goddamn I don't remember wolves being this much of an issue.

I have returned to the community hall to rest and repair my clothing, while replenishing my supplies. I can't believe I finally used a bottle of hydrogen peroxide. I got a dozen of the damn things back at the quonset.

- Decided against going back to Coastal Highway. Time to go harvest more birch bark from the ravine, anyways. Going to head back through the dam.

- I should just chuck these pistols. Oversized noise maker, that's what it they are. Went back to using the bow. Much better at dealing with wolves. I think if I need to hunt wolves, considering they are wising up is to lure them into critters. Pick them off when they stop to eat.

- Made it to Winding River cave. Forgot how many things i killed and left here to cure. Going to bed down here and then make a break for the dam.

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