Emergent gameplay with larger maps

Burning Bridges

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I just realized that with the increased size of the map, a new interesting element has entered the game: distance.

Travelling from my new base at the the Waterfront Cabins to Trapper's Homestead is a day's march. And I currently find it very motivating to plan those trips, to calculate what I need to take with me, plan a half-way stop at Rabbits Cove, deposit a rabbit snare so that I have extra food on the next visit, leave various stuff along the way, and think of ways how one could make it in shortest time.

I am sure most people here have read stories about polar explorers and how that is mostly about speed and preparations. With the increased distances, coming features (snow shelter), the game is coming a lot closer to that experience!

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I have found that it is just easier to clear out the mystery lake map first then transfer everything to the more abundant map of the coastal highway. I love the new houses that have so very many cabinet containers as their weight limit is much higher so I can easily store everything that I want or need there. Other than that I started out using the hunter's cabin as my first base but it was rather limited in capacity and then I realized that the dam is better. On my next play-through I will not even bother with the hunter's cabin and probably start out at the central camp office for pulling resources together then packing everything over to the dam where I can eventually transfer everything over to the coastal highway.

As for the increased distance it is probably best to set up some way-stations along the way.

At this point I have finished moving from mystery lake to the coastal highway area on my current game, but I had too much food in stock so I am burning time surviving on about 600 cal per day by sleeping through the days and using my condition as a buffer. This is the furthest I have ever gotten in the game by a factor of 2 and I do not really see any sign of me running short on resources.

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