Apparently I live in a world without bullets


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When the mega update came out, I started a game on the new map. I think I've pretty much found most of the things that can be found, including the cabin off the roads. I've got a rifle. What I have yet to find are bullets.

Seeing as wolves are ignoring my meat drops, I'm getting tired of hand to tooth combat. So I figure "Hey Raplet, let's head over to Mystery Lake. We'll pick up some bullets, and come back to the coastal town. Then I can open up a RapMart Supercentre in the gas station with the hundreds of pounds of clothing and food I've looted".

So I start out from the coastal town where I've set up my base (because that is less distance to haul my loot). Have to outrun 3 wolves on the way to the tunnel. Pretend I'm a wire walker at the trestle. Finally reach Mystery Lake after a 4+ hour walk (game time). Thank goodness I have crazy good clothing (+14°C temp, +10°C wind).

Don't feel like taking on Fluffy in the Dam (The whole no bullets problem). So I head for the derailment. I've always found bullets there. On my way to the derailment, a puppy decides to follow me home. Then a blizzard hits. While I'm still being stalked.

Get to the derailment, and to my surprise I discover no bullets.

So I'm gonna spend the night in the camp office (which also has no bullets). Tomorrow I'll see if the Trapper's cabin has any.

I know the the map has to have a rifle. Does anybody know if it has to have bullets?

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