I thought i was a wolf hunter...


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Sorry in advance for the long story...

After exploring and enjoying the new Coastal Highway, i started a new sandbox in Mystery Lake for some familiar scenery. I roamed, evading wolves and "house-sitting" for a night or so at each location. My goal was to find a rifle for the long-haul. Trapper's was a bust, logging camp... nothing (i thought i found it there once), the forestry lookout, same thing. I new the Dam was a safe bet, but it was particularly cold and i was hoarding fir and scrap metal, so long distances weren't a smart option.

With a Knife at 98%, a few antiseptics and bandages, and a pack filled with tools and material, i eventually walked to the tracks from the Camp office toward the Dam. The sun was setting, the wind picked up and visibility cut to ~5m radius. "Stay along the tracks..." like a mantra. Don't veer, don't roam... But then i heard a howl, then a growl. I spun frantically looking for a dark spot, but it was so dark there was no differentiating. I hastily pulled out my flare, but it was too late. The wolf died quickly enough, and my condition was at 85%. Some antiseptic and a bandage would do the trick, however I'd lost the tracks in the scuffle. I picked up my flare, lit it, and saw the tracks a short distance away. Another wolf must have caught the scent of my blood, as he was on me just as i regained some composure. Either I was weaker, or he was stronger, but this fight was longer than the last. Still, though, 55%.. I applied antiseptic, a bandage, found the tracks, but which direction? I didn't even have time to think before that second wolf. I picked a direction and saw the bend in the tracks; i was going the right way.

On day 16 i made it to the Dam. I pulled out my lantern, started to gather supplies, when i noticed a strange sound. Not the echos and clanging metal of the usual Dam, this was a... scratching sound. I looked around some more and headed down the stairs when suddenly a wolf rounded the corner right in front of me! He was as startled as me, but he decided quickly to fight. 20% now... I stopped the bleeding with a bandage but NO! NO MORE ANTISEPTIC! I swear I had enough for 3 applications at least! At a slower pace, I looked for supplies. No rifle! That's okay, it thought i can't hunt if I'm dead. Infection risk was at 47% . I looked along the catwalks but found nothing immediately useful. I searched the entire dam but there was no antiseptic, so i ate, drank, and slept a bit to refresh before i could head out for some antiseptic, but i realized that I had been to nearly every other location close enough to reach in my state. I decided to survive until the wound healed or got infected, and i could plan from there. I slept, ate, and drank at short intervals, checking my climbing infection risk and thinking about my options. I was out of food but my belly was full and by my count i only had a few more hours until my fate was determined...

I woke up to see the red first aid symbol gone and my wound perfectly fine! I rejoiced, but my stomach growled angrily. Surviving inside the dam on jerky and energy bars, i hadn’t even thought about eating the wolf. I cut out the meat, foraged some wood, and ate. The caloric trade off between harvesting the meat, foraging wood, and cooking was a small gain, but I just about finished the wolf and earned some extra life-time. That’s when I conceived of a new short-term survival strategy: wolf meat. I knew the area was full of them, and if i planned i could stab a wolf before it got me too low. Infection was a risk but if i started fresh, full and with a pack filled with wolf meat, i could maybe reach the coastal highway with enough time and energy to search for antiseptic, or enough food to survive infection. I rested until dawn, ate the last of the wolf, and headed outside with fast-twitch muscles ready and my condition at 80%. Just past the tracks beside the bridge, i spotted a dark figure.

The wolf was eating a deer carcass. Scare him away or kill him? I approached slowly, deciding to kill. After all, scaring him away was not a safe bet, and the meat from the deer could be depleted. But as i approached, i heard a growl, but it sounded like it was coming from the side. I turned and saw two more wolves: one in attack-ready position, and another just a few meters behind. I was ready. Two wolves to attack, and another a short distance behind me, occupied with a snack. I charged at the first wolf, and disposed of him quickly. Condition was 70%. I fumbled to apply a bandage and just as i started, the second wolf came at me. I was a bit sluggish, but got him before i dropped below 55%. I applied a bandage and turned for the feasting wolf, but he was gone. Maybe he was scared off by the commotion, maybe he saw me as an indomitable foe. Either way, he was gone and i had two fresh kills to harvest. I cut up the first , then started on the second, when the other wolf came back… He growled first to make his presence known, maybe to challenge me to a fair fight, i’m not sure. We stood there, him growling, unsure of my threat, and me contemplating my existence. I stepped back a bit, but he didn’t move, just stared with fiery eyes. My stomach growled, my back ached from an overfilled pack of raw meat and supplies, and i knew i had to take him down. I ran forward, met my adversary, charged up a killing blow, and just before i struck him with my knife, with my condition at 20%.... death from shock and blood loss on day 19.

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