Infection and Infection risk combined


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There are two states of infection in the game. One is when you have infection, another is when you only have risk of infection.

You get a risk of infection condition when you get bitten by a wolf. You treat the wound with a bandage to stop blood loss and antiseptic to prevent infection. If you do not have any antiseptic, you can go on as normal until your wound gets infected. Then you take antibiotics if you have them and rest for 8 hours to heal the infected condition.

The important thing is how your condition is affected. If you have stopped the bleeding but have not treated the wound with antiseptic, your condition still gets restored when you rest.

If you have infection, your condition does not get restored until you have both taken antibiotics and have slept for 8 hours. Only once you have done both your condition starts getting restored while you rest.

Now in the current game run with the latest update I have the following situation, and I think the sequence of events is important:

- I had an infection, which I had treated with antibiotics, but did not rest for the required 8 hours

- I was bitten by a wolf and got risk of infection (I treated the wound with a bandage but had no antiseptic)

- I went to my base and rested for 8 hours

- The current status is that I have 2 conditions simultaneously - Infected condition where both boxes are checked (for taking antibiotics and resting for 8 hours) which is strange. I have met both prerequisites and should be cured from the infected condition. And I have risk of infection condition about 20%, which I can not deal with as I have no antiseptic (which is fine as I can wait unit the wound gets infected and then address that problem)

- The problem is that my condition does not get restored when I rest.

Is this done purposefully or is this just an unforeseen combination of events?

8 in game days later......

The infection risk level of 25% did not change in 8 days. I have spent the whole 8 days eating whatever food I had left and sleeping. The condition level did not get restored.

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I think this may be a bug, so next time you encounter something where you are not sure whether it is a bug, simply post it in the Alpha Bug Forum, if it's not a bug, admins will move your topic to another section. ;)

Probably you can get risk of infection and infection at the same time, but they both prevent each other from being resolved. I will try to replicate this, but your description should actually be enough for the devs to have a look at that.

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