#273: Not able to repair simple tools anymore


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It appears this has something to do with both simple tools having the same condition. After having used one of them, I could use them to repair each other again. I'm certain I tried every combination the first time, so I'm positive I wasn't actually trying to repair A with A and B with B every time.

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Just to make clear, it only happened when both sets of simple tools where of the same condition. After having used one set, I could repair them both again. Not going to be using that anymore now I know I can repair them without the use of another set of tools.

As a side note, shouldn't the use of tools somehow improve your chances of success, or increase the amount repaired or something (as opposed to using no tools, just bare hands)? Making snares without a tool or with simple tools will give the exact same result. It won't speed things up or increase the chance of success. So why bother using the tools at all?

Another thing I noticed, when you go to make a snare and you don't have tools with you but you do have a sewing kit, the sewing kit is selected as the tool to use for making snares. But you can't use it for that purpose. So I think no tool should be selected if you don't have a tool that can actually be used.

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