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Hum, I would say.

- A balloon with a smiley on it named Winston

- A fat boy into an ice cube with a note "wake me up when the Wii comes out" on it.

Okay the last one isn't really mobile, but it could be funny in a "secret" place.

But I don't think it could fit with the ambient. :)


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47 minutes ago, Rusty_Old_F250 said:


Thread back from the dead just to keep everything in one place...

TLD and Hinterland decals/bumper stickers! They're easy and cheap to make, sell em' for $5 a pop. I'm good for atleast 5!



This, I'd order them in a heartbeat (IF Hinterland would offer a payment option for those of us who don't have a credit card/Visa/Mastercard).

Also, the apparel could maybe use a bit more creativity - the Hinterland logo is cool, but I'm a fan of The Long Dark first and foremost, Hinterland actually comes second. So some apparel with TLD motives would maybe speed up my decision to get a prepaid credit card, wink wink nudge nudge ;)

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4 minutes ago, alone sniper said:

How about rabbit snare ?? :D:D 
Kidding !!!


Well, they do offer a hatchet, so survival gear isn't entirely out of the question. I'd like a knife actually - 150 bucks for a hatchet I'm never gonna use is a bit much, but a Hinterland knife, especially if I can gut fish with it, that I could get behind, 

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