#268: Super Strength Sodas


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Somewhat of an interesting update...

Some items I'm picking up "in the wild" are also afflicted with "super condition syndrome," at least until I actually put them in an inventory (mine or the container I got them from).

The sodas' conditions however still remain permanent.

Am now relatively sure this is a bug pertaining to items that happen to be in containers during the last few hotfixes... Still, I suppose it's better than items flat out disappearing as I've read some other players discussing.




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That's partly what I was alluding to with my second to last sentence, however, those last three screencaps were of items I had not yet even picked up before the last series of hotfixes (v.152+). Those were brand new, previously undiscovered items that hadn't gone through the looting process yet.

It seems to me to be affecting container-ed items, as I don't believe I've seen any "just sitting out in the open" items affected.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.