Question about the Changelog v.152


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Hi guys,

hope you all are doing well. Haven’t played much since the update because of RL work but the feedback I’ve seen so far is pretty amazing. Yes, wolfs are the most discussed topic but I think after a while they (the community) will get used to the situation. Just as I did short before the release.

Good job everybody!

I am working on a german translation of the changelog of v.152. (I am aware of the two other available patch notes. *calm down and take it step by step* ;) )

Now my question:

Minor changes:

* Added a few test Non-Potable water sources to the world.

Water from the toilette is potable afaik. What are the non-potable water ressources? I haven’t found any of the non-potables. But I have played not much yet.


EDIT: Here is the changelog v.152 in German.

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