#294 Floating house.


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I found a house which doesn't have the ground model meet up to it. No map or picture because a wolf killed me so...

Attempt 1 to explain.

I spawned in a tunnel exit on the coast... there was a waterfall, following the water fall towards the ice-lake-ocean there's a couple dead guys. I had to jump down rocks away from the railway.

Attempt 2 to explain.

From the tunnel railway, I headed downwards. I would say 250-300 feet downward. It was 100-250 feet away from the fishing village up on the hillside.

So, from the doorway it was fine and attached to the ground but the backside floated. I would suggest to add vertical sections to the base of cabins. On that vertical section add a simple repeating lattice panel texture. Every house I see has that crap on it that is off the ground and it'd be 100% legit and avoid bothersome issues like this in the future. This wouldn't even increase the poly count as you'd just have to stretch the cabin base and you'd only be adding one texture to the draw call since you could re-use it on every building.


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