HOTFIX v.154 -- Tuning/Balance Update

Raphael van Lierop

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We've just updated The Long Dark to v.154, and made some general fixes and tuning/balance updates now that we've been able to pull some more data from playtesters.

The Long Dark -- v.154 -- Changelist

NOTE: We've confirmed that v.153 saves work with v.154.

* Reduced the Wolf population along Coastal Highway. In general, areas with a high concentration of Supplies are balanced to present more of a risk to players.

* Rebalanced Calorie costs per activity level to find a better "sweet spot" and average daily Calorie requirements. This should address the need to eat frequently.

* Reduced rate of Freezing increase for cold "Feels Like" temperatures.

* Reduced Fatigue modifiers for Running, to avoid penalizing players for exploring.

* Reduced Calorie cost per Kg of inventory. Min/Max-ers can still benefit from careful inventory management.

* It now takes longer for Fatigue to affect Inventory capacity.

* Wolves will no longer "camp" at entry ways for as long as before.

* Wolves are now more noticeable when stalking.

* Backpack weight no longer affects calorie burn rates when standing.

* Sleep interruption no longer occurs indoors.

* Antiseptic Bottles now provide multiple doses.

* Reduced chance of Food Poisoning from all cooked meats.

* Removed the Calorie Burn display from the Survival Panel as it was presenting incorrect information and just confusing people.

* Set up some double-door container objects to only count as a single container for the purposes of searching.

* Fixed issue where Rabbits would follow the player. (Bug or feature?)

* General art fixes and optimizations.


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You are approaching a point where the game is better than before the update. Like harder, but not too hard.

I could play one day without getting attacked, although it was getting close sometimes. I had to take the wolves more into consideration, spot them from afar (the lake is great for that) and move around them. I was also pleased that when I had to spend a night inside a house, the wolf had left in the morning and was not camping at the door like some people say.

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Thank you for the awesome update and listening to all our feedback, I think it's amazing how well you balance your own vision and the cries of fans (mine own included). I love the new area and the changes are all great! You really listened to everyone and well...I'm just blown away.

Still blown away by how lovely the graphical style is. You should give your artists a raise. Not to say everyone else doesn't work hard...just gosh darn love the style.

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The calorie burn reduction while standing still change is great. Before, I felt obligated to drop my items when I entered a structure before searching. The calorie burn was just too much. Needless to say, dropping all that stuff, and picking up all that stuff one at a time, is very annoying. Good change.

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About the new map:

- beautiful for sure, maybe as someone sayd too much stuff, we start really hard with the first and here you can become "fat", sleepeng all the day watching brocken TV! Joke, yes too much easy about food and stuff but, have to explore the entire new map, so maybe is a village before the nothing...

- About new gameplay rule ecc i found them very good. What i personally thought is that there is to change the save too relaxing can load the game when you are in danger. Whe4n i don't know that i had much fun continue walking on the line of life and death. It can be an option in the main menu

- About graphics. Well done but i have a simple hidea to give a little bit of differece. Why all tv are broken in the same manner, all mirror too. Someone can be not broken or on the floor, those simple graphic difference can throw away the sensation that all houses are the same.

Any case is a GREAT alpha of a greath game.

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