Coureur explores the ravine's bottom!


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When I first saw the ravine area I was awestruck. For a moment I thought that it was an entirely seperate area ready to be explored just like the Mystery Lake and Highway area. Then I tried to descend, fell the equivalent of 2 feet, and instantly died. It seems that taking any fall damage here instantly kills you, no doubt intentional to prevent going into the area. It's just meant to be a connecting area between the two regions.

Naturally this meant that I devoted the next 2 hours to finding a way down the ravine, and the fruits of my labors are three separate routes down the ravine into the scenic semi-programmed areas below. I suppose I'll try to unearth my old FRAPS account and film the ways down, so that I can post them in the bug section for their removal.

In the mean time, I took some pretty pictures of the glitchy area at the bottom for your viewing pleasure!

1. You can't see a whole lot during the descent itself. Captured this about 1/4 down the ravine.

2. That's better looking. You can see that we're approaching the bottom.

3. This is view looking back towards the railway bridge. You can't see it, and the path is blocked by an invisible wall. Only way to go is further into the ravine...

4. As the river continues, the world begins to become less and less programmed. This is when it first begins to look obvious.

5. The river ends here in the form of a funny curtain of ice. You can see the insides of the mountain in the background.

6. Here you can see the interior of another mountainside. The trees look rather amusing.

7.Once the river ends, you can either go further into the glitched mountainside or go down a pathway. I went down the path, here is the invisible mountain from a distance.

8. At the end of this path, the world ceases to exist. Looks pretty cool the way they did it here.

9. Looking off the edge of the world. I died chasing one of my flares a few moments after taking this shot, ending our fantastic voyage.

Here are some more pictures I snapped descending from the opposite side:

A very pretty view of the railway bridge in the sunset.

The edge of the world at day's end. Looks almost like the flare.

I threw my flare off the edge of the world. You can still see it's sparks, but the body is invisible now.

Then I threw MYSELF off the edge of the world. This is what the ravine looks like from below.

Descending into the heart of darkness

Look closely and you can see the tunnel leading to the coastal highway.

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