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1. there are more wolves then deer, there cant be more apex predators then there are prey, for every deer I see, I roughly see 3-4 wolves.

2. Wolves are the new Jason Voorhees, I cant so much as go outside half the houses before I even see a wolf in my face, I dont think its a good idea to have wolves hanging right next to doors and before you can even fight back you're being pummeled by them. If you choose to keep it this way, may I suggest that if a player is inside that if they go near the door before they leave they can hear wolves growling so they know as to not go out at that time? Also, when foraging for wood, it would be nice that I could forage for an hour or two without having a wolf pop up in front of my face, yeah, that would be nice.

3. Maybe luck or maybe probability to high? Sewing kits, sewing kits everywhere, for the one hunting knife I found later in my adventures I had about 9 sewing kits to my 1 hunting knife, additionally I had 7 sewing kits until I found my first can opener, With clothing being more durable these days, shouldn't these be a tad more rare?

4. the fatigue/backpack problem. I cant go more then two house trip before I have to run back to base to unload, I think either fatigue should slow down just a tad bit more, or we should be able to carry more, maybe around 85lbs as opposed to the usual 66?

5. more rifle spawns, I have yet to find the rifle in the new area, I found a box of bullets and random bullets but I cant seem to find the rifle anywhere, and I have checked many many houses and huts looking for it. I mean heck its a bunch of people living out in the bush, there should be way more houses with rifles in them.

6. the cold is no longer a threat. In the new area I didn't think about cold at all, I dont know if I was overly lucky but I had so much opportunity for great clothing that it no longer became a threat to me. While I dont mind this too much since it allows you to explore longer, may I suggest more blizzards and whiteouts? perhaps even the occasional freezing rain?

7.Tools, I cant seem to find any tools laying around like I did in the old map, I thought the Gas station would've been a sure shot for them but all I found was pry bars.

8. instead of just using 'gut' to make snares, could we also rip the wiring from electrical appliances inside houses to make snares? it gets hard to get some gut when there's ten thousand wolves around and I cant find the hunting rifle.

9.Don't take my feedback as a downer, this update is simply awesome and despite just dying in weak ice (i thought that was just the name of the area by the way, I think it should come with a warning that you can actually die from weak ice now) I'm loving the expansion of this game

10. can we eventually get different views? such as 3rd person view? or can we expand more out? its hard avoiding wolves sometimes with such a narrow sight.

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When I went onto the weak ice, I suddenly remembered an experience in my childhood similar to this, and realised that it wasn't just a name (you can hear the ice creaking), So I got out of there like a bat out of hell. I am somewhat phobic of walking on ice IRL.

I just wasn't sure it was an actual feature yet lol, I'm glad they added it in but I dont remember reading about it in the updates.

lucky SOB who finds my stash is going to be happy, I had 18 cooked venison and 6 gallons of water saved up along with 20 cloths and 3 sewing kits.

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1/2/4. These issues have already been solved, such as wolf populations. The hotfix brought them back to reasonable levels (at least reasonable to play against and to avoid). Also the fatigue was adjusted in the hotfix.

3. Sewing kits are everywhere indeed, I tend to find more sewing kits in first aid containers than bandages or other useful stuff. This should be adjusted, or at least we need more opportunities to make use of the kits.

5. I have found rifles in two locations, one on a corpse, although I don't really remember where and one in the abandoned lookout. And I'm sure there will be one or two more spawnpoints somewhere on the map. And I don't agree there should be more rifles. It won't do you any good unless there was also more ammo.

7. As you may have seen in the patch notes, tools will degrade much slower now, thus they will be much less likely to be found in a random container. You will have to find the spawns where they can always be found and then maintain them. I quite like not finding 5 prybars in one playthrough anymore.

8. Good idea, provided there's not that much wiring around. Having "unlimited" snares would also defeat the purpose.

10. You can adjust your field of view in the options, I usually set it to 90, that way you see somewhat more. I highly disagree though that we need a 3rd person view. It is precisely the first person view that makes this game so enjoyable.

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The coastal highway, having more residential areas it makes more sense for there to be more clothes and more sewing kits that you'd find in a more rural area like Mystery lake, also at the Coastal Highway It more like your dealing with a wolf pack(s) that the lone wolves you saw at Mystery Lake

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