Positioning bonuses and additional tools, and a new drink.


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Long post. apologies.

Recently I have been repairing a lot of my clothes to their maximum durability percentage, but one thing i noticed was a little strange. Whilst harvesting clothing for cloth, I found that a pair of cotton socks yielded the same amount of cloth as a pair of jeans does. In both cases they yield what I would estimate to be about a 20cm2 piece of cloth.

I understand that the quantities of fabric are limited to reduce the unbalancing effect, but I would like to see a little more realism in the harvest yields. Perhaps a pair of jeans above 80% condition, at maximum could yield 7 pieces of cloth, socks yielding 2 pieces of cloth (since they are both separate), with sweaters and coats above 80% condition yielding 10 pieces each. A distinction between sweater harvested cloth and coat harvested cloth could be "Thick cloth" used for repairing coats and boots, and "Thin cloth", which can be used to repair sweaters, socks, scarfs and underwear. as well as this, it could be made so that thin cloth could be used to make bandages, and thick cloth could have an "add insulation" mechanic, meaning that you can increase the insulation of a coat/jacket by +0.1oC per thick cloth insulation added, with a maximum of 4 pieces being added to the coat/jacket. The mechanic would also take 7% of the sewing kit instead of the usual 5% as a penalty to prevent everyone abusing the insulation adding capability. I also think that the insulation perk should only be availanble to players who have a repair skill above 75%.

I would also like to see position improvements, where if a player can click on a seat to sit down, any repairs they make have a 5% increased chance of success. as well as that, the harvest mechanism should mean that if the player uses no tool to harvest clothing or newspaper, they get a decreased yield. so jeans would only yield 2 pieces of cloth, and newspapers only 2 tinder plugs, maybe, with the use of a hunting knife (I would also like to see the implementation of a swiss army knife as a less effective meat harvesting version of the hunting knife, but better at harvesting clothing and materials) and if scissors (very rare) were implemented, they could have an 80% chance of yielding the full potential material yield.

Regarding bandages, I would like to ask if it were possible to make "safe" bandages, and "unsafe" bandages, because you can make bandages from any cloth now, but it might be dirty and cause infection if applied to a wound. This means that a "boil" mechanic can be added, where the player can boil unsafe bandages to make them safe. If a unsafe bandage is used, there is a 25% chance of infection, maybe. Perhaps and alternative to this process (much like water purification tablets are an alternative to boiling water) you could clean unsafe bandages with 0.1 litre of alcohol per bandage.

Alcohol could have other uses in the game as well. It can be used as an accelerant, but a (slightly) slower one than kerosene or fire-accelerant. Consumption of it can reduce the fatigue bar by a small amount, and reduce the cold bar (but these would be "phantom" effects, merely allowing the player to continue perform actions such as running or carrying a heavier burden for a brief time, at the disadvantage of reducing coordination and decreasing condition by 1% per litre consumed). Treating foods such as raw meat with alcohol would perhaps slow their decay by a small amount.

Alcohol, when combined with cloth at a workbench, can make a molotov, which could be used as an emergancy makeshift flare against wolves, should need arise.

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Alcohol would be a great addition, so would be stimulants and drugs. But you know then the butthurt brigade comes and says the game is corrupting the youth like all games that have stimulants. Just think of what happened in Dead State where the players uses morphine and other prescription and over the counter stuff all the time.

I'm all for it though ;)

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Taking a note from the excellent NEO Scavengeer, and once item wetness is fully implemented:

Harvesting (always) or looting (sometimes) yields "dirty bandages". They can be used but run risk of direct infection and long lasting condition, very dangerous.

Dirty bandages can be cooked similarly as how tea is currently prepared. This yields "clean bandages (wet)", that need to be dried out before using them and can be frozen up if exposed to cold. Leaving a bandage to dry for too long can make it dirty again. Can be dried up immediately on the same fire at the expense of more fuel, in a mechanic similar to melting/boiling water.

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